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Roundtable Raises €3M to Support European Startups

Cam Speck



Roundtable Raises €3M to Support European Startups

French startup Roundtable has secured €3 million in funding from 100 business angels for its angel investment platform, which is focused on supporting European startups. The platform is designed to handle administrative, legal, and financial processes involved in startup investments, with the aim of making investing in startups more accessible and streamlined for investors.

Backed by eFounders, Roundtable charges a fee of 1% of the amount raised by the special purpose vehicle (SPV), with a minimum of €5,000 and a maximum of €15,000, as well as fees for secondary sales. The platform focuses on European startups, with particular emphasis on companies based in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Some influential angels bring deals and leverage their networks to increase the amounts raised, including Roxanne Varza, Pieter-Jan Bouten, Christopher Zemina, Aircall co-founder Olivier Pailhes, Paul Lê, and more. Active angels on the platform invested in Roundtable itself, and there has already been one exit for a Roundtable investment.

Roundtable has handled over 100 deals, representing €50 million in assets under administration. The platform has been successful in attracting investors who are interested in supporting early-stage startups in Europe. Its ability to handle the administrative and legal processes associated with investing in startups has made it easier for investors to participate in startup funding rounds.

AngelList, Seedrs, and Odin are also facilitators of startup investments, with AngelList Syndicates popularizing the concept of group investments. However, Roundtable differentiates itself by focusing on European startups and providing a streamlined platform that handles the complexities of investing in startups.

The success of Roundtable’s platform is due in part to its ability to provide a high level of support to investors. The platform handles all aspects of the investment process, including due diligence, structuring the investment vehicle, and managing legal and tax compliance. This allows investors to focus on the startups they are investing in, without having to worry about the administrative and legal complexities of the investment process.

Roundtable’s platform is also attractive to startups, as it provides access to a large pool of investors who are interested in supporting early-stage companies. The platform’s focus on European startups means that it is well-positioned to help startups in the region access the funding they need to grow and scale.

The €3 million in funding will enable Roundtable to further develop its platform and expand its reach. The company plans to use the funds to enhance its technology platform and expand its team. With the additional resources, Roundtable will be better equipped to handle more deals and support more startups in the European market.

Overall, Roundtable’s success highlights the growing interest in early-stage startup investing in Europe. As the startup ecosystem in the region continues to grow, platforms like Roundtable are likely to become increasingly important in facilitating investments and supporting the growth of innovative new companies.

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