Rochester Public Schools Reintroduce Technology Following Cyber Attack



Rochester Public Schools (RPS) experienced a cyber attack that had significant consequences on their technology systems, which resulted in them being taken offline. However, in the wake of the attack, the staff, teachers, and students of John Marshall High School have managed to find benefits in learning without the use of screens in the classroom.

Initially, when the cyber attack forced the school to implement a no-screen policy, there was some skepticism about the effectiveness of the learning process. Teachers were unsure if their students would be able to keep up without relying on technology. In contrast, students were concerned about not being able to access their assignments online.

However, after some experimentation, both parties discovered a few advantages that come with learning without screens. The students have become more engaged during class time and more willing to participate in group discussions. Additionally, the staff noted that the students’ reading comprehension skills and cognitive abilities have improved significantly.

“The lack of technology in the classroom has helped remind everyone that balance is essential,” said John Marshall High School’s principal. “We’re delighted to see our students and teachers adjust well to the new learning format. They are discovering new ways to learn and share information, which is always a positive thing.”

This shift has been an opportunity for the school to realign its educational goals and objectives by creating a more holistic approach to learning that includes more creativity, more critical thinking, and emphasizes the importance of class participation.

That said, the no-screen policy is not meant to be permanent, and the school is working hard to reintroduce technology gradually. The RPS team is currently working to repair and update as many systems as possible to ensure that the transition back to screens is as smooth as possible for the students and the staff.

However, there is no definitive timeline for complete integration. While some schools that suffered similar cyberattacks have rebounded more quickly, it’s all dependent upon infrastructure and the extent of the attack.

Although there may be some hardships caused by the lack of screens, RPS is remaining positive about the experience so far. “It’s an unfortunate circumstance, but sometimes out of adversity comes several opportunities,” said one school official. “We’re pleased that John Marshall has been able to find some benefit out of our predicament.”

In the interim, the students and teachers of John Marshall High School are making the most of their experiences without screens. They continue to enjoy the merits of an alternative teaching style that prioritizes more personalized, creative, and engaging modes of interaction within the classroom.

Overall, the no-screen-policy experiment has been a valuable learning experience for both the students, staff, and administration. It has revealed that it is quite possible to engage in meaningful, profound, and fulfilling learning experiences without the use of technology, and for that reason, there is much to be gained from this experience as the school moves forward.


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