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The Rise of AI Influencers: Barcelona’s The Clueless Unveils Aitana L³pez

Cam Speck



In a surprising twist, Barcelona-based modeling agency, The Clueless, has introduced Aitana L³pez, an AI influencer who is reshaping the modeling landscape and earning substantial income. Created by designer Rubén Cruz, Aitana L³pez is challenging traditional paradigms in the fashion and influencer industry.

A Digital Persona Earning Big

Aitana L³pez, a digitally constructed 25-year-old with distinctive pink hair, has taken the social media world by storm, amassing a staggering 124,000 followers on her Instagram account. What sets her apart is that she’s not a real person but a meticulously crafted AI influencer.

AI Model Earning €10,000 Monthly

Aitana L³pez’s income is indeed impressive, with reports indicating that she earns approximately 10,000 euros (about $11,000) per month. This lucrative revenue is derived from various sources, including advertisements, subscription-based platforms, and brand collaborations.

The Inspiration Behind Aitana L³pez

Rubén Cruz, the mind behind Aitana L³pez, shared the inspiration behind creating this AI influencer. The Clueless, facing challenges with real models and influencers, decided to embrace artificial intelligence to ensure a more reliable and sustainable approach to their work.

Breaking Free from Egos and Delays

Cruz explained that their goal was to liberate themselves from the dependency on individuals with egos or money-driven motives. Real models and influencers often caused project delays and cancellations unrelated to design, prompting the agency to seek an alternative solution.

Carefully Crafted “Personality”

Aitana L³pez’s online presence is carefully curated to resonate with societal preferences. Described as a “strong and determined woman,” her agency profile portrays her as a passionate Scorpio who enjoys video games and fitness. This persona has helped her command a significant income.

The Growth of AI Influencers

Aitana L³pez is not the only AI influencer making waves in the industry. Business Insider reports that AI personalities are finding success across various social media and content platforms. Emily Pellegrini, another AI influencer, is echoing this trend on Fanvue, a subscription-based platform similar to OnlyFans.

AI’s Future Impact

Fanvue’s CEO, Will Monange, anticipates a future where AI-generated characters will become as prevalent as human creators. This surge in AI influencers signifies a transformative shift in the modeling landscape, challenging traditional paradigms and redefining the essence of influence and creativity.

The Birth of AI Models

The success of Aitana L³pez has led to the birth of Maia, a slightly more reserved AI influencer. The Clueless is receiving numerous requests from brands interested in utilizing virtual models for their campaigns, foreseeing a future where AI models replace real people as brand ambassadors.

Lowering Costs and Expanding Opportunities

Companies see the advantages of employing virtual influencers, as they can cut costs compared to hiring high-profile celebrities for brand deals. The Clueless believes that their digitized strategy could lower market prices and provide smaller companies with opportunities to create affordable ad campaigns.

Debating the Impact of AI Perfection

While AI influencers like Aitana L³pez are popular among certain audiences, concerns have been raised about the unrealistic beauty standards they may perpetuate, potentially influencing younger generations. The agency, however, argues that they are simply mirroring existing aesthetics set by real influencers and brands.

The Challenges of AI Integration

As AI technology advances rapidly, concerns about its misuse and potential consequences have emerged. From cheating on schoolwork to creating deepfakes and inappropriate content, AI’s capabilities have raised ethical and practical questions, prompting platforms to include disclaimers on AI-generated content.


The emergence of AI influencers like Aitana L³pez is undeniably transforming the modeling industry. As technology continues to evolve, the debate on the impact of virtual perfection on society and the advertising industry will persist. However, one thing is clear: AI influencers are here to stay, challenging traditional paradigms and reshaping the way we perceive and engage with influencers in the digital age. Learn more about AI influencers here

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