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Richard Mishaan Design: Behind the Eyes of a Technical Design Genius




***UPDATE*** June 30th, 2017–  Richard has recently been featured in the Elle Decor June 2017: “Scene & Heard”  article, check it out here.

Richard Mishaan Design is a globally renowned world leader in interior design. This innovative design firm has been creating artistic and timeless interior designs for over 25 years. It is a diverse firm that handles commercial clients, hospitality and residential clients as well. The firm has produced some of the most creative and discerning hotel, retail and residential projects around the globe for celebrated clients. Richard says that the success of his firm can be attributed to his strive to consistently create synergy between collected pieces whose common thread is texture and tonality. He goes on to say that he aims at creating designs that evoke the excitement of the client.

According to clients who have worked with the Richard Mishaan firm in the past, the ultimate result is a stylistically expansive space with different elements that seamlessly work together. This is to be expected since Richard himself is an expansive person who has perfectly blended his knowledge of architecture, fashion and interior design plus his rich cultural roots to develop a deep insight and understanding of style and luxury. Pamela Flori, the Editor in Chief of Town and County attributes the success of this design firm to the owner’s consistent focus on personalising every single design. Born in Columbia, Richard Mishaan started his career as an intern in the office of Phillip Johnson. He earned a BA from the New York University and went to the renowned Columbia School of Architecture.

What makes the Richard Mishaan Firm stand out?

When Richard was starting out he worked on numerous high-end projects, mostly lavish homes and high-end residential properties. The knowledge and experience he garnered gave him the confidence and unique set of skills to start his own firm. The great reputation he had created over the years made his name a reputable and highly appreciated brand. You are probably asking yourself how the Richard Mishaan Design stands out from the numerous interior design firms out there.

For starters, Mr. Mishaan works with a team of knowledgeable and experienced interior designers who consistently strive to surpass client expectations by creating awe-inspiring and unique masterpieces that the world marvels at. Additionally, Richard Mishaan has created a reputation for going where very few designers attempt to go; daring to stretch what is considered the norm. His designs are not restricted to the 21st century; he is inspired by ancient works of art and blends them perfectly with the splendours to modern luxury. The ultimate result of combining these two contrasting design elements is creating one-of-a-kind stunning interiors that substantially elevate the décor of any space.


What makes each design better than the previous one according to Richard Mishaan is that he takes his time to understand each client’s culture, way of life, customs and personal tastes. This enables him develop holistic, personalised and heart-warming designs that appeal to every client’s unique style preferences. As an avid traveller, he sees beauty in everything even what most people would deem unattractive and ordinary. Although the Richard Mishaan design does not subscribe to fashion trends, it incorporates some element of the trends into its design to create evergreen interior décor that will never run out of style.

In Richard’s two books Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, he shares his knowledge on how to successfully combine different elements of design despite price, period or style. The Richard Mishaan firm has succeeded in creating bold, exuberant and glamorously elegant spaces that are a perfect blend between the masterful use of art while still preserving comfort. Every project this interior design firm takes on showcases Richard Mishaan’s contemporary fusion style.


A Brief Look at the Impressive Portfolio of Richard Mishaan Design

Mr. Mishaan’s getaway house in Cartagena, Columbia is an example of this firm’s most magnificent creations. This stunning masterpiece was a 16th-Century gem that has now been updated to include a stylish roof deck and a gorgeous courtyard. The delicate use of mustard-hued accents on the exterior of this house reflects a comprehensive understanding of color. What makes this house more impressive is that closely resembles a boutique hotel. His inspiration to create a home that mimics the design of a hotel is to create a comfortable but still exquisite interior décor. Although the Cartagena home is streamlined, it is not antiseptic. The most consistent design element is that disparate objects in this space coexist beautifully.

Another masterpiece undertaken by Richard Mishaan Design that is worth noting is transforming Josh Alexander’s classic artist’s loft into a stylish family home. The interior design includes carefully chosen elements that make the space comfortable and homely without losing its signature style which is its unique bohemian spirit. According to Mr. Mishaan, the stunning end result is as a result of collaboration with the client every step of the way. He goes on to say that without the input of the client, the home would have turned out too pristine hence losing its charm.

The Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach is another masterpiece by this innovative firm. He manages to transform a 200-room property to a magnificent home away from home for all guests who choose to stay here. Looking at how elegant this hotel is you can tell that he combed the world to find unique, gorgeous and colourful pieces. He then skilfully fused them together to create a contemporary look that style breathes sophistication and class.

The success of Richard Mishaan can be attributed to his raw talent for design and his passion to create something unique and memorable. Additionally, this interior décor connoisseur is constantly travelling, learning and researching in order to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour in an effort to satisfy and intrigue. Aside from the design firm, this creative interior designer also owns a tasteful furniture shop known as Homer Design in Greenwich Village. Homer sells a wide range of contemporary and vintage items. This shop also stocks some great high-quality pieces from his acclaimed furniture line. The future is bright for Richard Mishaan Design which is consitently proving that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating unique and stylish interior décor.

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