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The pain does not subside: United States recalls the tragedy of September 11




The United States of America recalls the tragedy that divided the history of the country and the entire world into before and after. On September 11, 2001, a series of terrorist attacks carried out by the Islamists on their hijacked passenger liners claimed the lives of several thousand people. After 20 years, many questions remain unanswered, and the pain does not subside. This year, memorial ceremonies are being held for the first time since the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, invaded just after 9/11.

20th Anniversary Commemoration

Each year since 2001, the victims who lost their lives are remembered and honored. This year a special ceremony was organized to mark the 20th year of the attacks.

Ceremony and 6 Moments of Silence

A formal ceremony was held ceremony at the Sept. 11 Memorial in lower Manhattan to honor and remember the people who lost their lives in the horrible incident.

Throughout the ceremony 6 moments of silence were observed to mark the times when the north and the south tower were struck and later when they fell along with the time of the attack on the Pentagon and the crash of Flight 93 after the passengers and crew bravely fought off the terrorists on board.

On the podium were the relatives of the 2977 victims, who read out the victims’ names and remembered them. Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton were amongst the thousands of supporters present at the ceremony.

Long Term Effects of 9/11

Thousands of those who were at the scene of the attacks and lucky to have survived that fateful day were however later diagnosed with cancer.

Firefighters, rescuers, and others who managed to evacuate from the buildings of the WTC inhaled dangerous corrosive dust when the towers collapsed. One such victim is FBI’s special agent Scott McDonough whose story has now being declassified by the FBI. Scott flew over Manhattan on September 11 on a helicopter. And here he is a few years later in a hospital diagnosed with cancer. His cancer was recognized as a work-related injury.

But 9/11 has also positively shaped America’s future. It has inspired the next generation to pursue lives of service by being lawyers, human rights activists, journalists, joining the military or other means. It has shaped how policies are made and executed.

20 years on: New Information released by FBI

One of the campaign promises of Joe Biden was to declassify documents related to the 9/11 attacks which till now are not available to the public. In keeping with this promise, the FBI has declassified certain documents, with some redacted portions, which sheds light on the possible Saudi involvement in the attack. Some pictures and footage have also been released by the FBI which were taken during the first few minutes after the tragedy. 

9/11: The trigger for the Afghanistan invasion

In the aftermath of the attacks, America invaded the Al-Qaeda stronghold Afghanistan and thousands of American soldiers went on to serve in Afghanistan. 2,641 brave soldiers lost their lives in this fight against terrorism. This included the 13 brave men and women who were killed in an attack by the Taliban as the withdrawal of troops was going on. Also, more than 20,0000 men have been injured in this long arduous and painful fight.

America is a Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes

Watch this amazing video of resilience and hope that came after the attack of 9/11.



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