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Manual About How To Use Dunzo Cash

Annelise Sylta



Dunzo is an application that works for daily task management. This service helps you achieve your tasks and helps you make some extra bucks too. This application only works in a specific city or operates within a locality and tries to provide you with everything in just 60 minutes.

There are numerous benefits of using this app from a user’s perspective. It is an all-inclusive store that tries to fulfill your daily needs like buying groceries from the grocery stores and ordering some food from the restaurant, they also provide you with pickup and drop services for compact things.

But if you are already using its services and you’ve earned some Dunzo cash for using the service. But how can you redeem them? Let us explore to know more.

How to receive Dunzo cash?

Dunzo cash can be earned in your Wallet through referrals. For every person who downloads the app on your referral and places an order via Dunzo, you earn Rs. 100 Dunzo Cash. You only receive this payment in your Dunzo cash wallet when they place their first order within the first seven days of their login with your referral code. You will not receive anything if you don’t follow the same steps. You can earn up to Rs. 1000 as Dunzo cash.

How to redeem the Dunzo cash?

Using the Dunzo cash you have earned through referrals is a very simple and automatic process. In fact, there is no need for you to do anything to use the Dunzo cash that you have. The app will utilize it on its own.

  • Remember, to use Dunzo cash it is important that you have earned it and it is available for use in your wallet. You can check the same by clicking on the Dunzo Cash option in the main menu accessed from the top right corner button.
  • Next, select the product you wish to order or the service you wish to avail.
  • On the checkout page, you will see the invoice generated for your order. It will show the total amount and the Partner delivery fee.
  • It will also automatically deduct a ‘Dunzo Cash Discount’ from the order total.
  • Remember, for each order that you place, a 20% discount of the order value up to Rs. 100 per order is deducted as the ‘Dunzo Cash Discount’.
  • The discount can only be availed if you have earned Dunzo cash via referrals and the same has been credited to your Dunzo wallet.

Also, keep in mind that there is no option in the Dunzo app to convert the Dunzo cash to real cash or utilize the complete Dunzo Cash amount in one order. 20% of the total order value or Rs. 100 whoever is lesser is the cap on the amount of Dunzo cash that can be used per order.


This process of redeeming your Dunzo cash is automatic and does not require any selection.

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