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R.I.P. Trugoy the Dove: De La Soul’s David Jude Jolicoeur Passes Away at 54

Cam Speck



R.I.P. Trugoy the Dove: De La Soul's David Jude Jolicoeur Passes Away at 54

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Long Island hip-hop legend Trugoy the Dove (also known as David Jude Jolicoeur) on Sunday at the age of 54. He was one of the founding members of the highly-acclaimed hip-hop trio De La Soul, which rose to fame in 1989 with their debut, successful album 3 Feet High and Rising. This album provided a refreshingly light-hearted and positive counterpoint to other rap groups, such as NWA and Public Enemy. De La Soul followed up this superb debut with two more albums before having lengthy legal disputes with Tommy Boy Records in 1997. This meant that De La Soul’s music was not accessible to stream until 2021 – when Reservoir acquired Tommy Boy Records and allowed fans to listen to De La Soul’s full catalog from 3 March 2021 onwards. Trugoy leaves behind a monumental legacy that will be long remembered by his future generations – and undoubtedly influence more creative minds for many years to come. Our hearts are with Trugoy’s family, friends & fans during this difficult time.

De La Soul was one of the most influential hip-hop groups in history, whose influence continues to reverberate through rap music today. As well as being a talented lyricist and performer, Trugoy was also an integral part of De La Soul’s creative processes, contributing to the production of albums such as Buhloone Mindstate and The Grind Date. His unique style and clever use of language made him an integral part of De La Soul’s sound and something that could not be replicated elsewhere. Beyond music, Trugoy was also involved in various charities & initiatives throughout his career, setting up the charity organization Rapstation in 2001 to help aspiring hip-hop artists.

Trugoy was an incredibly talented individual who will be sorely missed by his fans, friends and family. His lasting legacy will live on through the music that he created, as well as inspiring many up-and-coming hip hop acts throughout the years. Rest in peace Trugoy, we will never forget your impact on the hip-hop world. Your spirit & creativity will continue to live on forever. We extend our sincerest condolences to Trugoy’s family, friends and fans during this difficult time. May he rest in eternal peace. We love you, Trugoy. Your legacy will live on forever.

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