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Does Publix sell postage stamps?

Annelise Sylta



Publix is one of the greatest employee-owned supermarket stores carrying on work in the cyclic chain process in the USA. It is growing in popularity with time, with more employees trending upwards. Publix is currently operational in 1,244 locations in seven Southern United States and reigns over the number of grocery and mailing items it offers.

Can one buy stamps at Publix?

Living in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, or Virginia, do you still prefer going through the old-school way of writing letters and postcards or having documents to send frequently? Publix has got you covered. Just head to the nearest Publix store, which offers postage stamps and other writing accessories like envelopes, sheets, correspondence paper, etc.

While you know that you can buy stamps at Publix, there are few other facilities they offer. For instance, if you want to weigh your parcel, you can always request them to do so. Since it is a grocery store, they have the measurement equipment. You can always call them for stamps. It is best to visit the nearest Publix store and get them yourself.

Cost of Stamps at Publix

Publix stores offer the best price for a range of stamps and envelopes. You can purchase book stamps at some discount too. However, deals and offers vary from time to time. You can also Google Publix coupons ensuring they are fresh and have a high success rate. Mostly the prices are the same as you get in USPS.

Why Choose Publix?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy stamps from Publix:

  • Publix has a heritage of 84 years, making it an emotion amongst people and winning customer loyalty. Its buy one gets one free deal is an add-on bonus.
  • Publix has prompt and helpful customer service. They are known for engaging associates in creating a healthy and friendly atmosphere for the customers, making Publix a preferred choice amongst new and existing customers.
  • Being a grocery store is an advantage for Publix customers since they provide opportunities to join culinary schools and take private lessons for $35-$300 per session.
  • Publix’s main focus lies on its existing stores and being the best at what they already do.
  • They aim to make shopping a memorable experience for its customers by taking care of their employees, who are eventually responsible for the end goal.
  • Publix is operational all days of the week. You are sorted in case of a postal emergency or urgent need of writing tools.


Publix is a supermarket mammoth in terms of the product range. From healthcare to food, grocery to writing supplies, there is nothing you cannot find here. Publix also takes orders online, providing everything at your doorstep quite literally! No longer running to post offices to buy stamps. You can get them while running regular errands from Publix!

“Happy Stamping!”

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