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Proving the Authenticity in Social Media




Only three companies in this world can be able to keep their stories straight. They are Google, Facebook, and Twitter. These are American tech companies that thrive by mining information from their customers with most of this information being private. In fact, a good number of these users are naïve and don’t understand what they give away when they click on likes and posts. Just the other day, actor Rose McGowan made a point of what’s like been on the receiving end of these tech companies. As for her, she shared a series of tweets explaining how she had been abused by media executives. Her account was shut down by twitter for what the company referred to as violating terms of use. This only came to an end when a hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter emerged. The company then issued an apology through the chief executive officer who said that the company would implement a tactic of explaining how decisions to suspend twitter accounts are made. This comes a month after Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook brought about the issue of transparency in one of his Facebook Live sessions. He announced that the company would share information with the public on who buys political advertisements on their platform.

Later that week, the company made a confession that it had sold ads worth $100,000 to Russian agents. Ditto, Google has also promised some transparency. This came after customers complained about the company’s algorithms that were placing commercials to YouTube videos that promoted hate speech and terrorism. Assuming that the executives of these platforms appear before the House and Senate Intelligence Committee, they should be accountable for the transparency that they have been preaching all along. While talking in an interview with the Wired back in April, Mr. Dorsey talked about the importance of ensuring that there is an open exchange of information. These are companies that keep track of internet wanderings of its people as well as their spending habits. By analyzing your clicks and likes, these technology companies get to determine what kind of ads they will display on your screen. Proving the authenticity of a social media user is another big deal. A high profile case involves Jane Skinner Goodell, the former Fox News anchor who is currently married to National Football League commissioner Rodger Goodell. The Wallstreet Journal managed to discover that she had created a fake account under the name Jones Smith. She used this account to attack journalists.

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