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Problems for Women in Silicon Valley




Silicon Valley is a place where sexism is having its toll. This is a place where men have the power and money. On a very rare occasion will you find a woman seated on the table calling the shots. This information was released by USA Today citing examples. As for Jen O’Neal, she decided to look for investors when she was establishing her travel start-up. She expected to find women during the presentation, but she was hit by a rude shock. Most of the women in Silicon Valley are either receptionists or doing odd jobs. This gender inequality has been the case especially if start-ups are involved.

Some of the cases where women have been funded have also been explained. Experts believe that venture capitalists tend to go for women with a track record and this has been the case for women who have succeeded in Uber, Facebook and Google. This is also the case with male entrepreneurs. Consider Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg. These were young men who rarely wore suits. In fact, they have succeeded while still wearing T-shirts and Jeans. They were also working on their garage and dorm rooms. The article also described another theory regarding the lack of women in Silicon Valley.

The article also explained that sexual propositions and suggestive remarks might also have contributed to this phenomena. Assaults, groping and casual misogyny are other reasons that were given. All these are witnessed as retaliation by men or while trying to look for a job or a partnership. Many women have reported that whenever they rebuff a sexual comment, people in position in Silicon Valley result by ending the conversation. In some cases, some women have reported scenarios where they attended meeting with investors only to realize that they were not serious and only wanted to exploit them sexually. One of the successful investors who came out to discuss this issue is Hanna Aase. She is recognized as the chief executive of a company known as Wonderloop that focuses on video sharing.

According to these women, they say that they can guess the questions that will be posed to them in an interview. This has led to some women giving up on their dreams. As for those who cannot give up, they establish women only networks where they can find investors. There are politicians who are also making the situation worse like Mike Pence who once said that the only woman he can spend time with is his wife.

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