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How to get power off the grid in Sims 4?

Annelise Sylta



Living off the grid in the Sims 4 is not an easy task, but thanks to all the updates which have been made recently, it became somewhat easier and more fun to play.

Unique Features of Sims 4

Any lot on Sims 4 can be made ‘Off the Grid.’ This means the lot is not connected to the primary grid and will not receive electricity and water supply. It is effortless to experience this feature in Sims 4, and any lot can be converted into an ‘Off the Grid’ from the ‘Lot Traits’ You will have a reduced tax burden if you are on an ‘Off the Grid’ lot.

Use the numerous objects specifically available for ‘Off the Grid’ living. These objects do not require electricity to function.

In ‘off-the-grid living, we can’t have luxurious facilities like bathing, cooking, washing clothes, etc. For all these things we have to work hard every day, like using leaves for barbecue, bringing water from the sea to take a bath and other sanitation purposes, etc.

So what’s your choice in the matter? Want to save money or spend it and live a luxurious life?
What if I tell you there is a way we can have both? Will you believe me? Yes, there is a way to live a luxurious life in your lot without paying any bills. Just create your electricity.

How to get Power Off the Grid in Sims 4?

Just buy the Eco Living Expansion Pack of Sims 4, and you will get an option of setting up a wind turbine and a solar panel using which you can generate electricity utterly free as it comes from nature.

  • The pack gives an added advantage of a Dew Collector. It ensures that we have enough water every morning to take baths and complete our morning routine without any hindrance and much effort from our side. We have to install it outside our lot but also near it. Without this, we must get water from a fishing site every morning or whenever we are out of it.
  • The same goes for cooking as well. With Power, we can eat an excellent breakfast like eggs and toast with grilled cheese. And without electricity, we have to burn dry leaves to create a fire to cook food.

Another way to generate electricity is by using a generator which is not the best option in this game. For this, we have to either find or produce fuel constantly.

Also, check the Best Battery for Off-Grid Solar Power.

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