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Pokemon Forum’s Troubling Start and Expansion Announcement




Recently, The Pokemon Company launched its official forum where enthusiasts are encouraged to discuss everything about the franchise, from video games to anime and trading card games. However, the forum seems to have been off to a rocky start due to numerous instances of questionable content. The Pokemon Forum, which migrated largely from the Pokemon Trading Card Game online forums, appears to be grappling with moderation issues. Many users are concerned that certain posts with suggestive themes, such as “tickle tormenting” and being attracted to specific Pokémon, have stayed up long enough to garner multiple replies and hundreds of views. The Pokemon Forum is supposed to be a space where players can “contribute to the community in a positive way,” creating an “inviting, fun, and safe community.” The guidelines specifically discourage “foul language or inappropriate themes,” with the aim to keep the content clean, inclusive, and suitable for all ages. It’s clear that the current wave of content isn’t aligning with this vision.

The Moderation Woes

For every post moderators remove for breaking the forum’s guidelines, two more inappropriate topics seem to take their place. This avalanche of unsuitable posts is worrying, especially given that the Pokemon franchise is likely to draw in younger members of the community. Discussions range from users expressing their desires to get physical with their favorite Pokemon to debating about the sexual orientations of characters from the Pokemon franchise. Parents of young Pokemon fans are advised to steer their children away from the forums until the situation is under control. It is anticipated that the situation will stabilize once the Pokemon Company introduces IP bans for repeat offenders and the community tires of the internet trolls.

Pokemon Company’s Approach To Moderation

The Pokemon Company, partially owned by Nintendo, is known for its family-friendly content. It regularly goes to great lengths to maintain a wholesome environment, evident in the recent update of its “bad-word” list on Nintendo Switch. With the current influx of inappropriate posts, the forum moderators may be feeling the strain. However, they continue to remove content that breaks the rules diligently. Apart from the suggestive posts, there have been peculiar discussions about which Pokemon would make the best meal or would be most adept at operating a Hyundai 25L-7 forklift. While these topics aren’t exactly disturbing, they do raise questions about the diverse range of discussions on the forum.

Expansion Announcement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In other news, the Pokemon Company announced its first expansion for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1: The Teal Mask and Part 2: The Indigo Disk is set to release in fall/autumn and winter 2023, respectively. Here are some details:

• The expansion will introduce older Pokémon not found in the Paldea region, including Milotic, Nintetails, Shiftree, Metagross, Seel, and Alcremie.

• Players who pre-order the expansion will receive a new uniform set, differing based on their base game.

• An early purchase bonus includes a Hisuian Zoroark, not obtainable in the Paldea region, for those who buy the expansion before October 31. Despite the chaos of the forum launch, fans can look forward to exciting new updates in the game. For more details, visit the official Pokemon Website.

A Promise of Future Developments

Amid the turmoil surrounding the newly launched forums, The Pokemon Company continues to push forward with their upcoming expansions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The developers promise an exciting gaming experience with these expansions that will surely pique the interest of the vast Pokemon community.

Focus on Safety and Inclusivity

While new gaming expansions are a highly anticipated event, the Pokemon Company also realizes the importance of a safe and inclusive online community. As a result, the company is in the process of developing stricter community guidelines and moderation policies to maintain an inviting and family-friendly atmosphere on the official forum. They aim to learn from the forum’s initial setbacks and are committed to making continuous improvements.

Community Response and Expectations

Despite the troubled forum launch, the community’s response to the upcoming game expansions has been overwhelmingly positive. Pokemon enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, both parts one and two. However, they also expect the company to establish better control over the forums. Fans hope that the recent events will drive the company to create stricter moderation measures, including implementing IP bans for repeat offenders. They believe that a better-moderated platform will ensure a safe, inclusive environment for discussions that truly reflect the spirit of the Pokemon franchise.

The Road Ahead

The journey of the official Pokemon Forum has been bumpy thus far. Yet, it reflects the complexities of maintaining an inclusive, fun, and safe community for everyone involved, especially in an internet environment filled with diverse perspectives and intentions. Despite the initial hiccups, the forum continues to be a potential space for Pokemon fans of all ages to engage in meaningful discussions and share their love for the franchise. With the upcoming game expansions and the promise of improved forum moderation, there’s a lot to look forward to. In the end, the Pokemon Company is committed to ensuring the forum embodies its values of inclusivity, safety, and positivity. The road ahead may still hold a few challenges, but the company and its community are prepared to tackle them together. Indeed, the spirit of Pokemon, the dedication to exploration and friendship, echoes in this ongoing endeavor.