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How to use a Pocket Juice Wireless Charger?

Ryan Lenett



Annoyed by the battery running out in the middle of the travel, or forget to charge your phone/ laptop and it is getting late to work, thinking how will you work. Well, the answer is simple. Pocket juice wireless charger comes in handy to use for such situations. These are portable chargers that do not take up much space and you don’t even need to find a switch to plug in the charger.

What is a pocket juice wireless charger?

Pocket juice wireless charger is a portable three-in-one wireless charger used to re-charge the devices. It works smoothly and is handy to use. The pocket juice charger is programmed using one of the Qi technologies that provide power to the devices in contact with the charger.

Inclusions in a Pocket Juice Wireless Charger

  • The pocket juice wireless charger generally has multiple USB ports and a type C port as well.
  • The wireless charging option is also present on the middle of the device.
  • Most of these devices also have a LED power indicator and displays the remaining power in the device.
  • The charger also has 4 suctions cups if you want to place it somewhere or if you want to hold your phone on to the charger.
  • So, lets learn how to use a pocket juice wireless charger. We will also check the functionality of simultaneously charge a device wirelessly and using the different cable ports available.

How do you use the pocket juice wireless charger?

1) Charge your pocket juice wireless charger-

Make sure that the power bank is charged to fuel other devices. You can charge the pocket juice charger in two ways.

  1. Use an AC adapter/wall charger– To charge connect the power bank to the adapter Micro USB cable available in the box.
  2. Use the computer– Another way to charge your juice charger is to connect it to the computer/laptop through a Micro USB cable using the USB ports of both devices.

2) Charge your phone/ other devices-

Once the pocket juice wireless charger is fully charged, it can be used to charge/ provide power to your phone and other devices.

  1. Press the power button- Switch on the device by using the ON/OFF button. The led light on your device will indicate the power remaining in your device.
  2. Wireless Charging- To wirelessly charge your device, place the device you want to charge directly over the designated area for charging. Your device will start charging immediately.
  3. Insert the device cable– Use your device cable or micro USB cable and insert one end to the phone and the other to the USB port of the pocket juice charger.
  4. You can easily charge multiple devices using both the wireless charging option and the USB ports.
  5. When the charging is complete switch off the pocket juice wireless charger.

Must Remember:

To use the wireless charging feature of the pocket juice charger, the device like phone, headphones etc that you want to charge must have Qi charging technology. Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy series etc are Qi compatible.

So, before charging remember to check if Qi charging is present in your phone.

Check this video to understand visually how do you use the pocket juice wireless charger.

Tips to use a pocket juice wireless charger long-lasting-

  1. Use the pocket juice charger for its intended purpose.
  2. Keep the device away from the heat source and any liquids.
  3. Extreme high and low temperatures can damage the battery life. Be careful about the exposure.
  4. In case the device is wet or moist, do not use it for any operation. Let it dry.


  1. Is a USB cable provided with the pocket juice wireless charger? 

Yes, a Micro USB cable is provided.

  1. How many hours does it take to fully charge the pocket juice wireless charger?

It depends on the mAh of the device. For 4,000 mAh, it takes around 3-4 hours. For 10,000 mAh, it takes around 6-10 hours.

  1. How many devices can the pocket juice wireless charger re-charge if fully charged?

It depends. It can charge between 3-6 devices.

Best pocket juice wireless charger available in the market-

pocket juice

The company Tzumi produces the best pocket juice wireless chargers. To buy or check further details visit the official Tzumi site.

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