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Netanyahu’s Plans for Gaza After the War

Ryan Lenett



During the ongoing conflict, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has presented a thorough plan for Gaza’s future when the war with Hamas ends. This proposal sparked a lot of discussion in Israel and around the world. It looks to make sure Israel stays safe in the long run and to deal with the crisis in Gaza at the same time.

At the heart of the plan is to keep Israeli security in charge of all Palestinian areas, like the West Bank and Gaza. Netanyahu wants a Gaza Strip without the military presence of Hamas and says that taking away their power is necessary before any rebuilding can happen.

Main Points of Netanyahu’s Proposal

  • Lasting Security Oversight: Netanyahu’s approach includes ongoing control over Palestinian territories by Israeli forces to block potential dangers.
  • Building Conditions: Reconstructing Gaza depends on its full demilitarization, with the goal of taking apart Hamas’ military structures and strength.
  • Local Leadership: The plan suggests setting up local governance in Gaza that isn’t linked to Hamas or backed by those who fund terrorism.
  • Working Together Internationally and Regionally: It stresses working with Egypt and the U.S. to guard Gaza’s southern border and stop goods from being smuggled in.
  • Shutting Down UNRWA: Netanyahu believes that UNRWA, which stands for United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, helps Hamas hide. He wants it closed and replaced by different international aid groups.

Palestinian leaders quickly rejected the idea, saying it stops there from being a chance for an independent Palestinian nation. Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for P

Challenges and Criticism

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the plan, saying it would just keep the occupation going and change the number of people and landscape of Gaza.

The success of Netanyahu’s ideas faces big obstacles. Critics say that focusing only on security and taking away weapons doesn’t deal with the political and social aspects needed for a real and lasting peace. Also, shutting down UNRWA and changing Gaza’s management and schools could hurt the people living there a lot.

Other countries haven’t really said yes to the plan yet. That includes important friends like the United States. The Biden team prefers a two-country solution, so they might not agree with what Netanyahu wants to do.

Humanitarian Implications

The fighting in Gaza has been horrible for civilians, with lots of deaths and people having to leave their homes. There’s no doubt we need a solution that will last. Netanyahu’s plan talks about keeping things safe but also knows that people need help and things have to be built again. But this help comes with tough requirements.

Still, making demilitarization a must-have before giving aid and maybe closing down UNRWA makes it hard to take care of Gaza’s population right now. People who criticize the plan say it won’t work unless it also looks at politics, society, and economy all together.

Looking Forward

Talks about Netanyahu’s plan are ongoing, and how the world reacts will be key. The search for peace and order in the area needs a careful mix of looking after security and also thinking about the humanitarian and political rights of Palestinians. Whether Netanyahu’s vision can handle all these complicated matters is not clear yet.


In conclusion, Netanyahu’s strategy for after the war marks a key point in the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. It shows a way to make Israel stable and secure, but there’s big challenges to get everyone to agree on it and tackle the root problems of the fight. The next few months are gonna be super important to see if this plan actually helps peace happen in that area.

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