Is Pi Network Worth Anything

The Pi Network has been created by a group of Ph.D. students from Stanford University. The network is considered to be a revolutionary one and it is growing in...

The Pi Network has been created by a group of Ph.D. students from Stanford University. The network is considered to be a revolutionary one and it is growing in popularity day by day. 

However, there are certain questions about this network that needs to be answered. In this article, we have attempted to get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Pi Network.   

One of the most burning questions about the Pi Network is whether Pi network worth anything. I’m going to take the responsibility to explain to you about this network and make you understand if you take this crypto opportunity or let it pass.

The Pi Network is in stage 2 development. It has not been launched on the blockchain yet and therefore currently it is worth nothing.

However, there are factors that indicate the exponential growth of the Pi Network in the near future. 

The most fascinating thing about the Pi Network is that you can mine these coins using your smartphone. There is no heavy battery or data usage. The only requirement that needs to be fulfilled is that of a good internet connection. 

The program incentivizes users through their referrals. The number of registered users on the platform has crossed 10 million. This tells us about the popularity of this cryptocurrency at the moment and shows us where it could reach in the future.

Project name PI network
Stock Symbol PI
Asset Type Token
Network type Blockchain
Launched on 14 March 2019

How much is Pi worth?

As of now, there is no value for the Pi Network. It is simply the perceived value of it that makes this cryptocurrency popular.  The value can only be determined when they put it out on the crypto exchange platforms. 

Is Pi a good investment?

Pi is a “Free to Join” network where you can mine coins right from your phone. There are no expenses as such when you join the network. You can’t buy or sell this crypto coin as of now. The only investment that you have to incur is that of your data. Unlike other forms of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, there is not much use of electricity for mining Pi.

What is the projected future price for this cryptocurrency?

According to some crypto experts, the value of Pi is set to grow manifolds in the next few years. The estimated price of this currency by the year 2025 will be anywhere between $ and $8 per Pi. The price will reach a new high in the year 2030 and will reach around $80. 

The Pi App is available on both Google Play and App Store. You can download and use it without any charges.


There are many cryptocurrencies in the current times. However, not all of them give you the convenience of mining coins from your phone. This is the first digital currency to be mined in smartphones. While the coin is not yet worth anything, it is soon going to reach the third stage and get listed in crypto exchanges. When that happens, you will certainly want to be one of the first holders of this coin.

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