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Phil Garrett Helms Good Deed Entertainment’s New Production Division with ‘Loving Vincent’ Among Notable Films




Phil Garrett Helms Good Deed Entertainment's New Production Division with 'Loving Vincent' Among Notable Films

Good Deed Entertainment Launches Production Division, Fresh Hell Series to be released under Cranked up Films

Good Deed Entertainment (GDE) has launched a new Production Division under the helm of executive Phil Garrett, an experienced producer in both indie and studio films. The Ohio-based company is taking advantage of state infrastructure such as motion picture tax credits to showcase the creative potential and talent of the greater Midwest region. Kicking off the new production arm is Fresh Hell, a three-film horror anthology series from producers Quinn Armstrong and Aaron Mack of Genre Labs.

The series will be released under GDE’s genre label Cranked up Films aiming to bring something fresh and thrilling to audiences. Garrett brings with him an extensive background in filmmaking which includes live-action and animation projects, documentaries, transmedia projects, studio/indie films, and more. His ability to produce high-quality works on tight budgets has earned him recognition among industry professionals.

The company already boasts a library of notable films that have been recognized by awards bodies such as Loving Vincent (Academy Award-nominated), Karmalink, Carmen & Alaskan Nets (Annie Award-nominated), Charlotte and To Dust (Independent Spirit Award-nominated). With Garrett at the lead for GDE’s Production Division, many have high expectations for the future of indie film in Ohio.

Through his dedication to producing only the finest content for viewers around the world and taking full advantage of Ohio’s available resources in order to do so this new venture looks like one that could change what it means to make a movie from one of America’s most underrated states.

As the Midwest continues to gain larger audiences, developments such as this one will only elevate the area as a hub of creativity and art. Additionally, Garrett serves on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Film Office, giving him an even greater ability to spark change in his home state. With experts like Garrett at the helm, Good Deed Entertainment is setting themselves up as a leader in indie production and distribution.

Garrett also serves on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Film Office, which gives him an even greater ability to spark change in his home state. By taking advantage of available resources such as motion picture tax credits, Good Deed Entertainment is setting itself up as a leader not only in Ohio but the entire Midwest region. With Garrett’s experience and expertise, audiences can look forward to a variety of exciting projects from GDE in the future.

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