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Peter Schutz Dies at the Age of 87




The New York Times yesterday confirmed the death of Peter Schutz. He is said to have died at his home on 29th October. He lived in Naples, Florida until the time of his death. For those that can remember, Peter Schutz was a Jewish refugee who moved to the United States from Nazi Germany. Nothing hindered him from greatness despite living in a foreign country. He will be remembered as the only American to have acted as the chief executive of a German sports car. He served as the chief of Porsche, and he played a crucial role in preventing one of the company’s prime model from going into oblivion. The model was the 911 model. Information about his death was confirmed by his wife, Sheila Harris-Schutz. She said that he had succumbed to complications that arose as a result of the Alzheimer’s disease. As far as anyone can remember, Mr. Schutz and his family moved to the United States when he was still a small boy. They moved to America the day before the Second World War broke out. However, he would later return to Germany to work for a company whose founders had links with Adolf Hitler. He was hired by the son of a friend of his father known as Ferdinand Porsche Jr.

He will be remembered for refusing to end plans by Porsche to end the production of the 911 model. Today, this model has been transformed to the quintessential Porsche. He took over the German company that is located in Stuttgart one year after it experienced its first loss in its history. It has been widely reported that he took over the company when it was in a crisis. At the same time, the 911 Model was experiencing some quality problems, and its motor was considered as anachronistic as it was located at the back. It would also spin out from time to time. Its sales were also on the decline, and the current board favored other models that included the 928 model. He joined the company as an engineer who had some basic understanding of the market. Peter Schutz was born Peter Werner Schutz on 20th April 1930 in Berlin. While his mother was a seamstress, his father was a pediatrician. For his undergraduate education, he studied engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He once worked for the tractor maker known as Caterpillar. He also worked for the engine manufacturer known as Cummins.

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