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Peter Madsen Changes his Story




Police in Copenhagen, Denmark have issued a statement saying that Danish submarine builder and amateur space rocket builder Peter Madsen has confessed to killing Swedish journalist known as Kim Wall. Other than killing her, he confessed that he also mutilated her body for various reasons. The police said that this happened during an interrogation. The Danish investor had on Saturday confessed to tossing the body of the journalist and some of her body parts at Koge Bay. With the Saturday version, the Danish investor said that he didn’t kill the journalist. He told the police that she had died on 10th August from what he referred to as carbon monoxide poisoning. This happened when she was on the deck of a submarine that belonged to Peter Madsen. This was another account of the ongoing trial for the 46-year-old investor. At the moment, Peter Madsen is being held at a prison known as Vestre Prison. Police in Denmark has charged him with manslaughter. According to a legal expert who specializes in Danish matters, he says that under the Danish law, manslaughter is equivalent to murder. In a previous account, the investor had told the police that the journalist had left the vessel when she was alive. He further said that she died from being hit with a 150-pound hatch door on her head.

The chief police investigator who is known as Jens Moller Jensen told reporters that Mr. Madsen didn’t reveal the reasons that made him dismember the journalist. Ms. Wall was never seen again after her interview with the investor. At the same time, the police chief investigator said that the torso of the murdered woman was located 11 days later at the Amager Island. The missing report for the journalist was filed by her boyfriend a day later. When the submarine was searched by Danish police, it was located at Koge Bay the next morning. During the process, they also managed to pull Mr. Madsen from the sunken submarine. Medical experts say that her limbs were forcefully removed from her body. They also revealed that she had been stabbed a number of times. Her head and clothes were also missing and were only found this month on 6th October. The forensics experts further told the investigators that there was no sign that she had died from carbon monoxide poising as Mr. Madsen had claimed. To ascertain the claims, the police have requested the forensics to do another investigation.

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