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The People of Slovenia Decide




The people of Slovenia went to the polls yesterday for a runoff presidential election. They were choosing between the sitting president who has an established political base and a former actor who had convinced the people of Slovenia that he would overhaul the economy of the country which is currently struggling. According to results that were displayed by the Slovenia National Election Commission, the incumbent president carried the day with 53 percent of the votes that were counted after the polls closed at 7 p.m. local time. The president is known as Borut Pahor. He has been described by a local news outlet in the region as Europe’s Instagram president. On the other hand, his competitor was Marajan Sarec who used to be an actor. Before he ran for the presidency, he used to be a mayor of Ljubljana, a town located in the north of the capital. He managed to acquire 47 percent of the vote. Soon after the results were made officials, the former actor congratulated Mr. Pahor for securing a second term. For starters, Slovenia is a small Alpine country located in Eastern Europe. The country has produced prominent people around the world such as the current First Lady of the United States Melania Trump.

With the win, Mr. Pahor who is 54-years-old at the moment will go down in books of history for being elected for a second term in a small Slavic nation that currently has a population of just two million people. This is also a country that gained its independence in 1991 once communism failed in Yugoslavia. While addressing his supporters in Ljubljana, Mr. Pahor told them that he had learned a lot during the campaign period. He said that he discovered that the people of Slovenia want him to speak more often. He, therefore, said that he will always do that to ensure that their voices are heard. At the same time, he said he would become involved in politics that intervene to help and solve problems rather than deepen divisions. The elected president said that he would work hard to ensure that the people of Slovenia believe in democracy and all it stands for. This will include institutions that uphold democracy and the rule of law. A tight race had been predicted by public opinion experts soon after the race went to a runoff. These experts appreciated that the president suffered a shocker when a candidate from nowhere threatened his re-election bid.

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