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Coastal Sophistication at Paris Fashion Week 2024

Ashley Waithira



In the 2024 Paris Fashion Week, Chanel debuted a line that seamlessly blended beachside style with movie star flair. This display of luxury and classic gracehallmarks of the brandnodded to the iconic French movie “Un homme et une femme” and the coastal town of Deauville, both pivotal muses for Coco Chanel herself.

A List Origins

The Chanel FallWinter Womenswear 2024/2025 ReadytoWear presentation kicked off amidst high expectations with a short flick featuring Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, reimagining parts of the 1966 Academy Award winning film “A Man and a Woman.” The director of the original movie, Claude Lelouch, was in attendance, honoring Chanel’s filmic influences. While Cruz graced the event in chic leather, Pitt played his part from afar.

Setting the Stage for a Fashion Meets Film Experience

Homage to Deauville’s History

Virginie Viard, Chanel’s head of design, crafted the show as a tribute to Deauville, the coastal French town where Coco Chanel launched her first boutique. This choice was more than just a nod to the brand’s beginnings. It cleverly shifted attention from Coco’s controversial history and put the spotlight on Chanel’s trailblazing foundationthe sporty, genderneutral style that Chanel debuted in the 1900s.

The new line refreshed the casual finesse of beach wear with a fresh twist. Models sashayed on a runway styled like a pier wearing outfits that reflected Deauville’s easygoing coastal vibe. Viard’s designs showcased a more relaxed version of luxury inherent in Chanel, which stands apart from the grandiosity of Karl Lagerfeld’s past interpretations.

Beachside Elegance on Display

  • Sensible but fashionable tweedy ankle
    • Long coats matched with warm suede boots.
    • Turtleneck sweaters under short doublebreasted coats, ideal for walks on breezy beaches.
    • Sweater dresses with a bunch of shiny gold chains for extra bling.
    • The classic Chanel style shone through in all items, like a puffer jacket with a silky white flower pinned on it.
  • The show’s standouts included the famous Chanel purses. An impressive 73 quilted bags with chain straps showed up, highlighting the brand’s highend image.

Familiar Faces

Gigi Hadid walking the catwalk was a true fashion spectacle, her appearance being one of the show’s big moments. She wore a long black dress that turned seethrough from the waist down and stepped out in platform suede boots. Hadid’s look was finished with eyecatching gold jewelry, perfectly capturing what it means to be a Chanel woman today.
Stars of style and cinema filled the front row, showing just how important this fashion event was.
Stars like Zoey Deutch, Vanessa Paradis, and Margaret Qualley showed up, each flaunting their own fashion sense to honor Chanel’s new line.


The Chanel Fall 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week was more than just a runway of highend clothes. it was a tribute to the brand’s lasting impact, its connection with movies, and the forever chic of coastal style. Virginie Viard skillfully mixed Hollywood glitz, nods to film, and Deauville beach town’s casual elegance. This collection truly embodies what Chanel is all about while pushing the brand into what’s next. Looking forward, Chanel remains a symbol of luxury, creativity, and classic fashion.

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