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Pac-Man’s new Battle Royale Game Arrives at Nintendo Switch Online

Jaleel M



An exciting announcement was made by Nintendo. It revealed Pac-Man 99. This is the latest multi-player game that will be available with the subscription service Nintendo Switch Online. In the same lines as Super Mario Bros. 35 and Tetris 99, this multi-player game makes players stand against each other in a fight to the end game format.

Coming to the looks of the game, it appears similar to the tunes of the classic arcade original Pac-man game. However, despite the traditional outlook, this game is much more interactive and attractive. Under a multi-player context, you can make the game difficult for your opponents. The weaponry that this game provides you with is fantastic. Your Pac-man could be consuming power pellets, accidentally eating ghosts and you could also distract your opponents by sending Jammer Pac-man over to their very screens.

The screwing up with other players comes in eight different strategies that are pre-set. One of our personal favorites is when you can speed up the game of your opponents. This could be the rush they would have been unprepared for.

Let’s understand the game a little more realistically. With the traditional outlook, you would just assume that it is a regular Pac-Man game with a set of regular rules. Players have to chomp the pellets, they will need to escape the ghosts and they would need to turn the tables on opponents by eating the maximum number of pellets. However, that is not just the way this game functions. You don’t just need to win over your opponents, you can also attack them in real time.

When it comes to Pac-Man 99, every time a player eats a ghost, they will be sending a Jammer Pac-man to their opponent. The unaware opponent, struck by the jammer, will be slowed down. When your Pac-Man’s appetite includes a power pellet or a ghost train, you will end up sending a barrage of Jammer to your opponents.

The classic Pac-Man has a history of transforming the gaming world 40 years ago. Pac-Man 99 not only retains the traditional structure of the very famous, but it also keeps the concept of the maze and iconic Pac-Man ghosts alive. The multi-player arena gives the classic game a much-deserved makeover.

In addition to the many strategies to choose from, you could also buy the downloadable custom themes. These themes could be base on Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, and many more to change the entire look of the game. There are over twenty varied classic themes that you can choose from. They just don’t merely change the theme but also change the graphics of the game as well.

Pac-Man launches on 7th April at 6 pm, PDT. After the classic game, its return as Pac-Man Battle Royale, this is the third version of the game. This seems to be much more ruthless, fun, and exciting. Pac-Man fans cannot keep calm as Pac-Man 99 promises a lot of fun, engagement, and the spirit of pellet eating!



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