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Outdoor Security Cameras Without WiFi

Ryan Lenett



You can buy a lot of security cameras today but almost all of them would need Wi-Fi to work. However, you need outdoor security cameras without wifi if you live in a neighborhood that does not have a good Wi-Fi connection or if you simply do not wish to use a camera with Wi-Fi. Hence, if you do not want a camera with Wi-Fi then which outdoor security cameras without wifi should you consider?

Many people do not know this, but you can buy security cameras that do not need Wi-Fi. You can also pair security systems with outdoor cameras that do not have Wi-Fi.

Most people use security cameras that have Wi-Fi but that is not the only kind of camera you can use for your protection and peace of mind. There are many kinds of cameras such as ones that could be hardwired in your home and will provide you with good footage.


Limited But Available Options

If you do not want to use a camera with WiFi then you must use a hardwired camera to monitor your home. The protection that you will gain from a hardwired security camera will basically be the same as a Wi-Fi camera. You will, however, not be able to see the footage or access the camera using your mobile phone or app however you can access it in other ways.

You can still deter crime and protect your home with hardwired cameras. Wi-Fi cameras make sense for most homes but it may sometimes be more realistic or better to choose outdoor security cameras without wifi.


Bad Wi-Fi Connection

An ethernet cable is much more reliable if you wish to connect to the internet than Wi-Fi. The video can glitch or buffer if the Wi-Fi connection becomes slow or fails. Many homeowners often find out that their Wi-Fi camera only works properly when it is close to their router.

It is Easy to Hack A Wi-Fi Security Camera

Cameras that work with Wi-Fi, just like all other things that are connected to the internet, can be easily hacked. If you are buying a security camera, you must check the encryption level before you purchase it. It is very difficult to hack a hardwired camera since they are connected to the internet using an ethernet cable.


Bandwidth Issues

If you are someone that constantly worries about the data usage for your internet connection, then a Wi-Fi camera may not be for you. A Wi-Fi security camera will use your network’s internet to store and capture footage. It may not have a huge impact on the data usage if you only use a small camera but if you own a big home and use a lot of cameras then it can lead to a lot of gigabytes of data every month. If you buy outdoor security cameras without wifi then they will not have any impact on the bandwidth because they store the footage in a DVR.


Wi-Fi Cameras may be convenient but a Wi-Fi camera is not the only way to monitor a home.

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