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OnePlus Trumps Google with Four Years of Significant OS Updates

Cam Speck



OnePlus Trumps Google with Four Years of Significant OS Updates

Samsung and OnePlus Samsung are currently tied up in scheduling the longest update timeline.

Although some manufacturers are trying, Android OEMs still don’t offer the six years of upgrades that Apple phones provide. With the addition of another year, now, OnePlus promises four significant OS updates and five years of security patches.

With respect to timeline, this strategy matches Samsung’s, though Samsung offers monthly security updates, whereas OnePlus does not. The enterprise is still simply promising security updates almost every other month, so it can’t boast too much about it. Google, the company that creates Android, is in a distant third place with only three years worth of OS updates and five years worth of security fixes.

The timing of updates still needs to be considered. Execution-wise OnePlus outperforms Samsung because it shipped Android 13 to its most recent flagship in just one month as compared to Samsung’s two months. In this case, Google triumphs because it is still the only Android manufacturer to provide day-one updates that are equivalent to Apple’s.

The OnePlus 11, which should be released in the upcoming months, will probably be the first phone to receive this modification. A bumpy merger between OnePlus and Oppo, a BBK sister firm, has caused significant unfavorable alterations to OnePlus’ Android skin. After the merger with Oppo, OnePlus’s superb lightweight, yet customizable Android build has turned into a clumsy iOS clone.

One month before the release of the OnePlus 10, OnePlus announced a change in OS approach and claimed it would dump the single Oppo skin.To make major changes, one month is not enough time, so it’s difficult to say what exactly is the company’s actual Android design plan. However, the update strategy has improved a little.

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