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Expert tips to maintain a healthy scalp with braids

Annelise Sylta



How often should I oil my scalp with braids?

People with protective hairstyles are often found confused with the question, “How often should I oil my scalp with braids?” This article depicts the answer to this question.

Protective hairstyles like braids or twists are a great way to keep your hair’s natural radiance, an easy summer updo, or even a fashionable way to divert your attention away from daily styling and combing. This does not mean you need not have to care for your hair. On the other hand, braided or twisted hair requires just as much attention as natural hair, especially when it comes to your scalp.

You may not need to comb regularly, but you will need to oil your scalp regularly to keep it healthy. With braids or twists, oiling is just one way to take care of your scalp. Massaging a light oil into a dry scalp before styling provides hydration for some. On the other hand, others may have an oily scalp, to begin with. In such cases, applying moisture-rich products to the hair (rather than the scalp) is a better option.

Before asking yourself, “How often should I oil my scalp with braids?” you should know the benefits of scalp oiling. So, let’s dive into the benefits.

The benefits of regular scalp oiling

Regular oiling of your scalp helps in hair growth as well as proper scalp care. Furthermore, a suitable scalp care routine removes dead skin. It keeps the scalp and hair moisturized and balanced, promoting lush hair growth.

The scalp has a gland that excretes sebum to prevent dandruff and fungal growth. Large amounts of sebum cause the scalp to become oily and flaky. Additionally, caring for your scalp prevents fungal growth caused by dirt and product build-up.

How to oil your scalp

Start the massage from your neck with slow and gentle strokes and work your way up the head to the crown. Then, on both sides, work from the base of the ear to the top of the head. Take your time because there are a lot of topics to cover. Massage the appropriate oil into the scalp for 3 to 5 minutes to soften skin cells, exfoliate, and remove debris to promote blood flow.

How often should I oil my scalp with braids?

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Hair experts recommend a proper scalp treatment followed by a detoxifying scalp oil applied directly to the scalp for protective styles. You must apply essential oils that are cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal/bacterial. Additionally, scalp serums or tonics that nourish and cleanse the scalp beneath are also advisable.

Expert answer to how often should I oil my scalp with braids?

Let us now turn our attention to the question at hand. Experts say it is difficult to answer the question, “how often should I oil my scalp with braids.” This is because no amount of oil will harm your hair, break it, or cause it to fall out or shed prematurely. So, how much you should oil your scalp is entirely up to you.


It would be best to oil your scalp twice a week, preferably towards the end of the week when you are about to shampoo your hair. It is recommended for those who like body and bounce. This will allow the oil to sit overnight as a hot oil treatment. You can also sit under the steamer with the oil on your scalp if you prefer. Both are acceptable options.

The bottom line

We hope this article has covered the answer to the most lingering question, “how often should I oil my scalp with braids?” Remember that protective hairstyles are meant to revitalize your scalp and hair. Make sure you wash your hair every day, use a styling spray every time you style it and cover your braids before going to bed.

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