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Norman Pattiz Introduces New PodcastOne 360-Degree Videos and Interactive Features




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PodcastOne recently introduced mobile software that helps listeners enjoy the network’s audio programs in new ways. It adds 360-degree video recordings as well as a variety of interactive social functions. Users benefit from the ability to easily communicate with hosts and fellow listeners. PodcastOne offers the app for free on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and its website.

Numerous Features

This new application lets people hear and watch a wide range of shows. They can contribute to discussions about specific programs as well. The app provides access to popular articles and intriguing photographs that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet. It’s also possible to answer survey questions and send personal messages to other listeners.

PodcastOne has integrated its new reward system into the mobile software. Members may accumulate points and exchange them for a variety of bonus features and services. They can use these earnings to obtain discounts on products, watch special virtual-reality programs or view other exclusive material.

Virtual Reality

In an effort to develop high-quality videos in virtual reality and 360-degree formats, PodcastOne has established a partnership with Mandt VR. The two companies have already created over 1,000 video recordings. This massive library enables listeners to experience favorite podcasts in a more immersive manner. They can begin accessing the footage immediately.

Every week, PodcastOne and Mandt VR add more content to the collection. It features such programs as “Koy Pond,” “The Adam Carolla Show,” “Art of Charm,” “Dr. Drew,” “Mohr Stories,” “Laila Ali Lifestyle,” “Adam & Drew,” “Geffen Playhouse Unscripted,” “Forbes Under 30” and “Reasonable Doubt.” Users may also watch Chael Sonnen’s show “You’re Welcome.”

The virtual reality and 360-degree videos don’t only allow people to view programs recorded in studios. They also give members the opportunity to watch a live show or event in new ways. Adam Carolla became the first host to make use of this capability. Users can view these videos from any location with internet connectivity.

How it Works

After setting up the new partnership, Mandt VR installed sophisticated modern equipment in each major PodcastOne recording studio. Facilities in New York, Beverly Hills and Burbank now benefit from this technology. When hosts travel away from their studios, they can continue recording VR footage with the help of mobile equipment.

Mandt VR’s co-founders established the California-based firm in 2015. It focuses on producing videos in virtual, mixed and augmented reality formats. Neil Mandt helped start the company and currently serves as its CEO. Many staff members have experience in TV or movie studios. Mandt VR has already succeeded in winning an Emmy Award.

Leaders’ Comments

Neil Mandt praised PodcastOne’s executive chairman for continuing to launch innovative features. He called Norman Pattiz a media “pioneer” and noted that his business had achieved unrivaled success in the industry. Mandt also applauded Pattiz’s willingness to enhance the podcast medium by adopting advanced technology.

PodcastOne’s founder made remarks about this development as well. Norman Pattiz described the app’s completion as a highly important achievement. He mentioned that users can’t find equivalent features at any other podcast network. Pattiz also highlighted virtual reality’s impressive benefits. The chairman explained that listeners can now see each podcast studio from the perspective of a show’s guest.

PodcastOne Facts

Pattiz’s company ranks as the biggest podcast provider with an advertising-based business model. Every week, it records more than 20,000 minutes of audio. Users download 1.5 billion podcasts in an average year, and the network’s library contains over 200 different shows. They include some of the internet’s most sought-after programs.

PodcastOne listeners can hear Nicole Polizzi, Gabrielle Reece, Dan Patrick, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’Neal, Penn Jillette, Dennis Miller, Rich Eisen, Neil Strauss, Heather Dubrow, Jillian Michaels and other hosts. Internet users have downloaded more copies of Adam Carolla’s program than any other podcast, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

About Pattiz

Before creating PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz established Westwood One. This network supplies entertainment, talk, sports and news shows to traditional radio stations nationwide. He also set up another successful program distributor known as the Courtside Entertainment Group. Pattiz was appointed and reappointed to the federal Broadcasting Board of Governors under presidents Clinton and Bush.

He eventually departed Westwood One and started PodcastOne in late 2012. Today, Norman Pattiz and his wife Mary reside in Southern California. Although he primarily concentrates on running his Beverly Hills company, the executive chairman sets aside time to participate in the Pacific Council on International Relations. He also serves as one of the regents at California’s state university.

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