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Best Non-toxic Nail Polish For Toddlers 




A good non-toxic nail polish for toddlers is hard to find. Many products on the market claim “non-toxic,” “organic,” or “natural,” but how do you know which one to buy? After days of research, we narrowed our list of the best non-toxic nail polish for toddlers. We will review each product and compare it with other similar items to make an informed decision about what’s best for your child.

Best non-toxic nail polish for toddlers

1. Piggy Paint 

piggy paint

It is a product designed by a mother of two in the United States of America. She wanted products that were safe yet colorful enough to make her little girls happy. This water-based polish is odorless. It comes in different colors and dries quickly. In addition, this nail polish is safe for pregnant women. It is vegan and free from harsh chemicals. Piggy Paint is one of the best-selling non-toxic nail polishes for toddlers. Piggy paint on Amazon comes in different packages

  • Single nail polish is about $10
  • A bottle of nail polish with polish remover is about $15
  • A set of three colors is about $14. 45
  • Two different colors and a polish remover is about $20
  • Six bottles of different colors are about $35

Price: $10.99

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2. Ella +Mila Non-toxic nail polish


Ella+Mila is a nail polish line that makes matching colors for mommy and baby. Mothers and their kids can now go out looking chic, classy, and beautiful. The products used in making this product are purely vegan. Furthermore, it does not contain the seven chemical components of regular nail polish. It comes in various colors, and more colors are added to the collection regularly to increase the variety offered. You can get this amazing product on amazon. A bottle of this nail polish goes for $10.49, while together with a remover, it cost $19.10.

Price: $10.49

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3. Keeki Nail Polish 

Keeki Pure & Simple Nail Polish

A mother of two, who owns an organic farm, invented the Keek nail polish. This line was born out of the desire to ensure the safety of kids with nail polishes. Only natural products are used, making them safe for kids and the environment. There are various colors that your kids can choose from. It has protective ingredients that ensure kids’ nails are safe. There is also nail polish remover made from safe products that easily wipe off the polish. 

Price: $12

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4. Suncoat Girl Nail Polish For Kids

Suncoat Girl Water-Based Nail Polish

This nail polish is water-based and safe for kids. A Canadian chemist who is also a mother created this incredible line. She invested time to formulate the best non-toxic constituent that will be safe for kids. Unlike other nail polishes, this brand does not require polish removal. In addition, it dries quickly and does not stain the nail when you peel it off. It is a set containing twenty nail polishes of different colors. It is suitable for parties, sleepovers and the perfect gift for your princess. You can get this incredible nail polish on Amazon for $24.99. 

Price: $13.99

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5. Townley Girl Nail Polish

Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic

Townley makes nail polish with non-toxic materials. The polish dries quickly and easy to remove. You can peel it off whenever you want. It comes in various colors. The pack has different themes, such as the Disney princess theme and Mickey mouse theme, making it the perfect gift for your kid. You can get Townley non-toxic nail polish on Amazon at $15.

Price: $14.99

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Remember that your kids can look good and stay safe at the same time by using non-toxic products on their skin.

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