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Why a No-Code Smart Contract Solution Is Right for Beginners?




Getting into the blockchain space has always been seen as a difficult task. In the early days of the blockchain space, the technologies which were introduced were new and complex, and not everyone wanted to commit the time as well as attention required to get into it.

Furthermore, it really did take a few years for the industry to really kick off, and when non-fungible tokens (NFTs) achieved mainstream popularity, more people than ever before wanted to jump into the space.

However, today, there are a plethora of different solutions purpose-built to enable entry into the blockchain space that are quick, simple, efficient, cheap, and require no programming knowledge. One such solution is SmartMint by Pastel Network, and today, we will go over why projects such as these are an essential part of the blockchain space.

Simple Entry Into The Blockchain Space

One of the most fundamental aspects of smart contracts is the fact that they are self-executable programs that execute at the point in time when specific conditions get met. They exist on top of a blockchain network, and what this means is that users had to, traditionally, manually code them.

Take Ethereum as an example, which uses the Solidity programming language. Imagine needing to learn an entire programming language just to write a smart contract and mint NFTs on top of the blockchain.

This has, for years, been a huge barrier to entry for users. However, software solutions such as SmartMint by Pastel Network aim to enable this exact same functionality, and control over smart contracts, through a no-code solution.

What this essentially means is that one of the most fundamental reasons why the solution is good for beginners is because it provides them with access to what they want, without the need to stop what they are doing – i.e. drawing and creating artworks – or learning how to code.

This ultimately results in a much higher level of appeal for the blockchain space. It also increases artists’ willingness to get their artworks out there, mint them, and list them on as many NFT marketplaces as possible to get their art shown, seen, and bought by collectors.

Numerous Tools That Streamline The Procedure

SmartMint isn’t alone – there are other solutions available. For example, some marketplaces will even enable users to mint directly on the platform prior to listing it.

However, SmartMint differentiates itself in numerous ways. For one, each user retains full control over their smart contracts and data or metadata stored across the NFTs. 

Additionally, each mint sends data to Pastel’s blockchain to determine its rareness score through the Sense protocol.

The NFTs are safe and secure, as the Cascade protocol is used to store the data, which is a distributed, permanent storage system designed for NFT data. Moreover, users can just pay once and store the data forever instead of needing to pay recurring payments to keep the storage solution active.

Additionally, users can mint single, limited edition NFTs, or mint entire 10,000 collections then list them on various marketplaces while SmartMint handles the entire creation and deployment procedure for them.

Additional Peace of Mind and a Higher Level of Control

While we mentioned Ethereum as an example above, it is clear that there are multiple blockchains that support the procedure of minting NFTs. In fact, just about any blockchain that supports and enables smart contract functionality can also mint NFTs.

As such, SmartMint was developed to support multiple blockchains, and the most popular ones include Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC).

Additional support for blockchains and Layer-2 solutions will be implemented at some point in the future as well.

However, due to this support, each user can add custom properties, traits, and metadata to their creations without being limited to a single standard and can then choose on which network they want to mint them, which gives creators more versatility.

Removing the Tedious Task of Learning a Programming Language

Whenever a artist gets to work, they will be busy creating artwork, videos, songs, or anything else that piques their interest. So, they do not want to spend their time learning programming languages such as Solidity just to get their creations seen and bought by other enthusiasts and collectors.

Furthermore, even if anyone decided to learn how to code manually, they would lose a great deal of time that could have otherwise been user to polish and refine their works, which could be the creation of a 10,000 NFT collection.

The primary reason why solutions such as SmartMint exist is to let creators do what they do best instead of having to learn and master a whole new skill that is unrelated to their primary career path and objective.

This is yet another reason why a no-code smart contract solution plays a major role within the blockchain space.

Moving Forward With SmartMint

There are a lot of creators out there who want to get into the blockchain space. However, since the industry is still relatively new, there is much fear, doubt, and barriers to entry that might restrict users from getting into the space – i.e. learning how to code or understanding how the underlying blockchain technology works just to begin selling their artworks.

However, today, there are solutions developed to help them in this task and make the entry into the Web3 space as simple as possible.

SmartMint enables anyone to create their NFT drop or collection by uploading their creative assets, adding custom traits attributes, and creating multiple variations of them.

Then, they can easily mint their NFTs, store the metadata, calculate the unique rareness, and deploy their own smart contracts, which they fully control. They can then manage their NFT creations and list them for sale on OpenSea, Rarible, or even airdrop them to fans.

All of this is made possible without the creators having to write a single line of code. This simplicity behind the platform is one of the key reasons why it is right for beginners. 

Try out SmartMint today.

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