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Nintendo Switch Dominates in Japanese Release




The Nintendo Switch is the fastest growing console that nobody at home is talking about. The Nintendo Switch is just another step forward in Nintendo’s dominant approach to innovating within the video gaming realm. The Switch brings a hybrid of console and on-the-go gaming as it allows for users to pack up and play mobile as well as set up a station at home. In Japan gamers have caught on to the capabilities that the Nintendo Switch provides and that has helped it to surge to over 1.5 million sales since their launch back in March.

It can be hard to gauge sales numbers from the perspective of a casual fan so to put the incredible sales figures into perspective we can take a look at how the PlayStation 4 sold in the same. Region in the first 26 weeks of sales in Japan the PlayStation 4 sold only 665,000 total units. The PS4 would need almost three times as many weeks on sale in order to hit the 1.5 million console’s sold that Nintendo breezed to. This is particularly surprising because Japan, despite what you may think, has always been a larger sales area for the Sony brand than for Nintendo’s own brand.

Nintendo has been relatively forthcoming with their sales figures for both games and consoles and we believe it to be a motivator for more gamers to get involved. Since June 30th, the official launch date of the Switch, there have been more than 4.7 million total consoles sold along with 13.6 million total games sold. New sales figures will be released at some point in October but Nintendo has to be ecstatic with what they’ve seen so far. The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming one of Nintendo’s best selling consoles of all time.

Still, news isn’t all great for fans of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch’s early success seems to have cleared the way for Nintendo to justify a price increase for many of their games. This price increase won’t be bundled at the check out register, instead it will be added in the form of extra needed accessories. Apparently some Nintendo Switch games are going to be so big that owners will need a microSD card in order to play them. New boxart for Switch games will reveal which titles require the additional microSD card. THese Nintendo branded cards will be available in 64GB and 128GB formats.

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