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Niantic Unveils New Event for ‘Pokemon Go’




The mobile application ‘Pokemon Go’ has been trending upwards for the better part of 2017. After an ambitious but borderline disastrous launch in 2016, in which massive crashing and unplayable stretches were common place, developer Niantic seems to be finding their footing. 2017 revealed the release of some huge game-changing updates that include the Raiding system, legendary Pokemon, and even some new live events including the massive one done in Japan. Now, Niantic is unveiling a slew of new additions that should be interesting enough to get even the most ardent ‘Pokemon Go’ doubter back on board with the process.

To kick off news in the ‘Pokemon Go’ world Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that there is plenty going on behind the scenes at Niantic. Ishihara claimed that trainers on ‘Pokemon Go’ have only managed to see a small chunk of what is actually going to be on offer by Niantic by the time that the game is fully updated with all of the estimated additions. Most importantly, Ishihara noted, was the addition of two huge game elements: PVP and trading.

The core of the ‘Pokemon’ games on console and handheld, outside of the mobile marketplace, were always built around trading Pokemon with friends and battling them head to head. In fact, there is a massive competitive scene that relies upon these mechanics. So when ‘Pokemon Go’ was launched with both missing from the initial release it was a clear red flag for long time fans of the franchise. Ishihara has gone on record to solidify the fact that both trading and PVP will be coming to ‘Pokemon Go’ at some point in the future. He wouldn’t mark a date on the calendar as to when to expect them, but Niantic also backed up the statement.

Ishihara wasn’t shy to expound on what to expect from Niantic going forward which is a pretty marked departure from how these things normally go. Ishihara said, “We’ve only accomplished 10% of what Pokemon and Niantic are trying to do.” This loaded statement should send a shiver of anticipation out to loyal ‘Pokemon Go’ fans who have managed to play through both the active and lean days of the playerbase. Ishihara pushed things a step further when he behind true augmented reality by saying, “We will see the birth of this reality (augmented reality) that is another step up from the current Pokemon Go.”

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