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Nextiva Fax & How Faxing Has Escaped Obsolescence




Nextiva Fax is the leader in the online faxing market yet they are making a big name for themselves as a reliable and affordable company, overtaking their competitors in many aspects. Many of you reading this may be picturing beepers, laser discs, and type-writers, thinking fax machines should go the same way of these old, majestic relics of technology. However, for many people the fax machine is a necessary tool for conducting their business. For example doctors, lawyers and persons in sales & PR rely on the fax machine to keep their businesses legally accountable for their actions/transactions.

Initiatives such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) require medical professionals to ensure documents are being shared via secure sources, which nowadays only a fax machine can provide. Faxing is also useful because email addresses are not often included in directories. There is also the convenience of having known when the client has received and opened your fax that is not available with email, standard post or voice messages.


Nextiva Fax has incorporated all of these useful tools while maintaining their low cost without affecting their reliability. There are three different ways you can use Nextiva VFax:

  1. By email
  2. By phone
  3. Using the online portal

Nextiva has not yet developed the technology to use the faxing service on your smartphone, however they have released a statement saying they are planning on releasing the feature in early 2017. Nextiva allows you to keep your same number that you have previously used for your business yet they have modernized the service to make it more convenient. Gone are the busy tones and clunky machines of the past. Nextiva Fax has a sleek, small unit that will replace the massive machine previously occupying all offices. There is even the option to eliminate that fax machine all together by conducting all of your fax needs online via phone and email.

When it comes to price and basic fax services Nextiva cannot be beaten. It provides easy fax tracking, fax management and control over notifications. For just $4.95/month your digital faxing will be taken care of easily, and reliably.

Other competitive online faxing services are:


MetroFax provides a clean web portal design, smartphone/mobile application and services, wide file format support and third party cloud services support. It is $7.95/month or $6.63 billed monthly on a year contract.


SFax provides a clean website design, is HIPAA-compliant, could services, and supports multiple users. The SFax service is $12.95/month. However, for international people of business SFax may not be the best service to invest in as it only supports faxing in the U.S and Canada.



HelloFax has a pleasing and attractive interface, supports basic annotations and signatures and connects with common cloud storage services. Unfortunately the service has very little storage and indexing tools.

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