A nearly ideal melding of fling cam and contact for an exceptionally low imprint.


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The Nexar Beam isn’t the principle fling cam to upload video to the cloud—that honor goes to the Owlcam—but it’s nearly as clear because the Owl, and worthy more affordable at $90 from Amazon. Free limitless cloud uploads, GPS, and placement internet page visitors and accident warnings are the highlight, but both day and night captures are stunning as smartly.

Reveal that without the phone, GPS and diverse chocolates go (video is peaceful captured). In a phone-centric world, that’s no longer a noteworthy inform for most users.

This overview is segment of our ongoing roundup of the handiest fling cams. Scurry there for records on competing merchandise and the way in which we tested them.

Assemble and aspects

The Beam is a minute, sq. black box of a digicam. It’s as puny because the Garmin Escape Cam 66W we reviewed final year (currently $200 on Amazon), but it lacks a repeat (that’s supplied by your phone), and the lens housing protrudes additional. The sensor is a 1080p GalaxyCore GC2053, a mannequin and impress I’ve never experienced before. Recognizable or no longer, it does the job. Reveal that the G-sensor is in the digicam, no longer in the phone.


Nexar’s Beam is minute, easy, and unobtrusive. Ignore the color therapy in the lens above—it’s no longer that color naturally. 

On the left facet of the digicam are the energy button and micro-SD card slot, while the ideal is given over to perforations for ventilating the unit. On high are the slot where the suction mount marries to the physique, and the mini-USB jack. That’s it. Straightforward, orderly, and straightforward. If the target is to be unobtrusive (which to set a ways from theft, it must be), the Nexar achieves that. All the issues else is geared up by or carried out in your phone (iOS or Android).

App and connectivity

Nexar has carried out a nice job on the phone app. It’s lifeless-easy to connect the digicam to the phone, and the interface is orderly, orderly, intuitive and informative. For sure, you’ll deserve to develop an story for the phone so that you just could upload movies, and many others. 

In case you’re carried out and have uploaded some “rides” (movies), that you just could take a look at them out on the on-line portal dashboard.getnexar.com. I didn’t hyperlink as you won’t have access until you take. Signal-in is easy, as an access code is sent to your phone. 


Right here’s the flexibility playback files page. At this point I had parked on high of my native Lowe’s after hitting the expressway here in San Francisco. 

The digicam files to the micro SD card, then transfers to the phone as time permits (it’s shut to-true-time), then presents you the different to place them to the cloud. It’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps presumably limit the Beam’s utilize of phone storage to 20-, 50-, or 80 percent of what is accessible; once it hits that limit, this may possibly occasionally overwrite old movies. There’s furthermore computerized upload induced by the G-sensor, as with the Owl. It worked perfectly in my abnormal, proprietary bang-the-fling-cam-on-the-desk assessments, and it didn’t plot off falsely while on the avenue. 


Nexar has spent a noteworthy deal of time honing the alternate choices for a subtle trip.

It’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps presumably also wrap the video with the total crucial records into a document and upload it straight away the usage of a one-click document feature. Siri protest impart may possibly well perhaps be broken-down while you happen to have an iPhone, and the Nexar Groups app allows you to study up on the kids, or vice versa–, take a look at up on in the event that they are where they are saying they’re. I tested the Android version, which lacks the protest impart and teams for the time being. 

Grab quality

The Beam takes stunning 1080p, 30-fps video. I develop into once especially impressed with the motion stabilization. Even over the rough native roads and the occasional fling bump, the video remains fixed on the horizon with out a tearing or jumps. 


Though the colors may possibly well perhaps no longer appear very saturated, they’re partly diminished by the overcast skies here in a dreary San Francisco summer. If it weren’t August, I’d name it the June Gloom.

The colors are pretty true, puny print are identifiable, and in usual the image quality is ready as proper as you’ll take a look at up on with 1080p. In case you’re documenting travels, it is most likely you’ll perhaps go for a fling cam with higher resolution, but you won’t discover the leisure better for day to day utilize.


This take suffers some flare in the lighting fixtures, but a noteworthy deal of it develop into once my schmutz on my windshield. Gaze the date and time. Right here’s what happens in the event you don’t connect with the phone and Beam battery runs down over a number of days. 

Reveal that the night captures have the orange-ish tinge featured by many sensors, but they peaceful account for pretty a little of detail. Headlight flare is minimal. Just a few of flare in the image above is due my much less-than-stellar cleansing of my windshield. My dangerous.

It’s furthermore my fault that the screenshot shows a 2018 date. The Beam had been disconnected for per week, the battery drained, and I didn’t have my phone with me to reset the digicam. Talking of which, the Beam will fling for roughly 15 seconds after the energy is eliminated, assuring that post-incident events are captured. 

I develop into once a little nervous about battery lifestyles on my phone with the Nexar app working. When linked to the fling cam and in utilize, the app’s clearly going to make utilize of some juice, so set the phone charging while you happen to’re on a protracted day out. The auxiliary energy connector with twin USB ports that Nexar entails helps with that. That acknowledged, the drain wasn’t as most crucial as I develop into once staring at for, and the Nexar app didn’t appear to electrify battery lifestyles in any admire when no longer in operation.

Amazing with the phone

When broken-down along with your phone, the Nexar Beam delivers an stunning fling cam trip. Tremendous-easy and slickly designed. For folk that wouldn’t be caught tiresome without their phone, and handiest need front protection, it’s inconceivable. 

In case you wish cabin protection, the front/inner Nexar Expert is $130 on Amazon with the identical cloud aspects. 

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  • The Nexar Beam leverages your phone to the max, and the firm presents free, limitless uploads to its cloud service. You wish the phone for GPS, and the total chocolates, but or no longer it is a noteworthy product inner these boundaries.


    • Amazing 1080p, 135-stage captures
    • Straightforward setup and connection during the phone app
    • Limitless free cloud uploads out of your phone
    • Removable microSD card storage (no longer like Owl)


    • Camera relies on the phone for GPS files, along side date/time

Jon is a Juilliard-trained musician, historical x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (tiresome 70s) computer fanatic living in the San Francisco bay residence. [email protected]