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New Problems for Tech Companies in Washington




Technology companies from America especially the ones that deal with the internet have had a lot of defending to do in the recent months. Just last month, internet giants Facebook and Google had to oppose a bill in Washington that had proposed to make them accountable for websites that promoted sex trafficking. They claimed that they had spent fortunes trying to fight sex trafficking meaning that punishing them for failures would jeopardize the core principles that advocate for an open and free internet. The two giants claim that an open and free internet has played an important role in promoting innovation around the globe. These two companies had high hopes that lawmakers would abandon the plan completely. This is just an illustration of the current situation in Washington where lawmakers are locking horns against the biggest technology companies in the country. Businesses like Amazon, Facebook and Google have gone unnoticed without regulation for years. However, Washington is now focusing their attention on these corporations. According to experts, this has resulted from the tech companies growing influence as well as the role that they played in the past 2016 elections. Some of the issues that have been raised include public disclosure, privacy issues as well as antitrust issues.

To make things more interesting, the attacks don’t come from a single side as they are being made by both the Republicans and the Democrats. Prominent people who have attacked these companies include former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. One thing that remains clear is that the possibility of producing new antitrust laws is far from possible. However, this has become popular talking points in Washington which have also been magnified by disclosures that have been made by these tech companies. The missteps along the way have also made the situation more interesting. Democrat Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal says that there is a lot that should be done concerning sex trafficking and a possible bill. Realizing that things are changing, the technology companies have resulted in fortifying their lobbying positions and making new friends. For instance, Amazon secured the services of a former Senate staff to help formulate new antitrust. Google has also spent millions in firms that lobby against the proposed sex trafficking bill. A company that represents Facebook, Google and Amazon said that people in Washington could be disruptive. At the end of the day, this creates jealousy, worry and concern.

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