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New Flight Search Chrome Extension ‘Flight Penguin’ gets Launched

Jaleel M



This is proving to be a year of startup innovation. The most recent entry to this ongoing beeline of newer concepts is Flight Penguin. It is a new startup that is being launched by the founders of Hipmunk.


So, let’s talk about Flight Penguin. It is a chrome app/browser extension that will search a good number of airline websites at the same time. The results of the search will be presented in a familiar format. It has been designed for the people who travel extensively, even despite the pandemic.


For usage of Flight Penguin, the users will be charged $10 per month. However, we all carry a general perception that there certainly are so-called collaborations or collusions with Airlines. Despite this stereotype, Flight Penguin promises that there will be no collusion with the airline industry. In a statement, they also addressed the fact that “Some of the largest travel sites hide flights from you in exchange for special favors from airlines.”


There is already a hype towards Flight Penguin as people are going to have to waitlist to even try the extension at the launch. So, all this buzz of a neutral and non-colliding extension has made Flight Penguin a much-coveted alternative.


Wondering how to use this brilliant-sounding extension? All you need to do is to click click on the extension in your Chrome browser toolbar. You then enter the terms of your search. The terms can vary from one-way to two-way travel. Once all your terms are entered, you can then hit ‘Enter’. The browsing will then appear as a wheel spin timer. The extension will be browsing through the airline sites, searching and organizing your search data in accordance. You can add as many criteria as you are willing, including price, layovers, time of flight, etc.


As for the investors of Slight Penguin, Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman are the only two investors. They both were also the founders of Hipmunk. Speaking of the prospective growth plans of the startup, Goldstein says, “ I don’t need this to be a huge company.” He also stated that they were aiming to create a flight tool that was less of a headache and had no backroom dealing to impact the final results.


He admits that most flight search apps collude with airlines. Adding the extension to chrome is being praised as a clever move as it offers uninspired results. The results of the extension will be an inherent part of the website search.


As Flight Penguin is essentially a subscription service, it does not take any commissions or advertisements. One major user concern could be about the user browsing habits that could be revealed and stored, as it is a Chrome extension. To address the same, the founders have also stated that the company will not be engaging in the collection or sharing of any user data that is not necessary. The privacy policy well states certain inherent rules that the company would follow.


So, let’s see if this chrome extension becomes a traveler’s favorite.

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