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A New Company Enters The Autonomous Car Market




In the quick-moving field of autonomous vehicle development, has secured new funding to enhance its existing research and development into solutions for self-driving vehicle kits and AI learning routines.

With two years of operation under its belt and several founding members sourced from Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, the company boasts an impressive roster of around seventy computer scientists all tasked with the objective of producing and refining hardware kits for both cars and trucks. They hope to deploy partnered vehicles that use their technology in the future, but aren’t quite ready to reveal all the details yet.

CEO and co-founder Sameep Tandon expanded on the company’s goals, stating “Whether we are moving pizza, packages or people around we want to enable businesses to be able to compete with really efficient transportation solutions.” They aren’t the only company with package delivery streamlining in mind, as dozens of other startups and well-founded companies have been looking into developing the same technology for some time now.

Where other companies focus on the broad spectrum of self-piloting vehicles, has chosen to focus on business entities, shared fleets of vehicles, and potentially even government contracts instead of the average consumer. Considering the potential rivalry that might come from entering the consumer field of self-driving research, their decision could be very sound; Companies like Waymo, part of Google’s network and founded for the purpose of finding retail applications for the megacompany’s vehicle technologies, would almost certainly put up more of a fight than one startup could hope to muster.

Part of’s board of directors includes Andrew Ng, who previously oversaw AI projects at both Google and Baidu, described the company’s unique approach: “Traditional autonomous driving teams have ‘sprinkled on’ some deep learning, but is at the forefront of leveraging deep learning to build a truly modern autonomous driving software stack.”

The field of autonomous vehicles has plenty of room to grow and having more competition to push other companies to further their efforts is hardly a negative aspect. With any luck, can help move the business world and its automobiles into the future.

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