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The new (and cheap) Samurai Payment Gateway




FeeFighters is a Chicago-based startup, a comparison shopping site for credit card processing. The purpose is to help merchants to cut down spending on credit card fees and conduct reverse auctions to solicit competing bids from credit card processing companies.


CEO Sean Harper notices that many of their customers who the startup has helped find the best credit card processor are often locked in by their gateway providers, so they can’t switch. The launch of Samurai gateway is tailored for any business to send or accept any payment transaction to and from any processor without the lock-in obstacle. It means that Samurai encompasses universal compatibility.

It is also a way for their online merchants to simplify those online payments procedures. This gateway will feature the ability for transactions to be sent to multiple merchant accounts. In addition, it will automatically send international and small ticket transactions to the cheapest credit card processor.

As security priority, Samurai definitely has the privacy consideration of keeping customers credit card numbers safe and allowing merchants to achieve PCI compliance in minutes. It will enable each business or personal transaction to be secure and efficient.


FeeFighters can lead to an average savings of 40% through its unique auction process. Now at a monthly price of $10 with additional $0.10 per transaction, you can use Samurai with all features. And interestingly, it has described this new gateway as awesome.

You might be in the beta version before, or want to find out whether it suitably matches with its awesome description. Tell us more if you are in Samurai gateway.

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