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New App Provides Blind Individuals with an Eclipse Experience




The upcoming solar eclipse has millions of people hoping to catch a glimpse of this event. It’s understandable to wonder how those with vision impairments will be able to experience the upcoming eclipse. One astrophysicist has been determined to help blind people witness a solar eclipse through the use of an app. In this post, you will learn how Henry Winter is helping blind people experience the upcoming solar eclipse.

Henry Winter was able to create an app that uses sound and vibration to help blind people experience an eclipse. Lifehacker reports Winter’s app is called Eclipse Soundscapes and is available for both iOS and Android devices. People can download Winter’s app to hear a real-time narration of all eclipse related events. Individuals with visual impairments often find their remaining senses are heightened. Blind people tend to use their heightened sense of sound and touch to experience the world. This app will be notable for providing narration based where the eclipse is located. For example, someone in Washington can hear a real-time description of the eclipse as it passes through the state.

Another beneficial feature of Winter’s app is the use of a rumble map. This map displays where previous eclipses have occurred. Blind individuals can use the rumble map to feel vibrations based on an eclipse’s location. This app works to ensure blind individuals use both sound and touch to fully experience an eclipse.

A solar eclipse might only last a few minutes but this event has a widespread effect on many habitats. Winter plans on creating and releasing recordings of how people and animals respond to the upcoming eclipse. The astrophysicist hopes to have these additional recordings further aid blind people in experiencing this upcoming scientific event. Winter is already planning on recording future solar eclipses expected to happen in the United States and Chile.

In summary, Henry Winter is an astrophysicist that wondered how blind individuals could experience the upcoming solar eclipse. Winter worked to create an app that provides a real-time narration of an eclipse while it occurs. This app includes a rumble map that allows visually impaired people to feel the intensity of an eclipse based on its proximity. Winter plans on using his app to record upcoming solar eclipses at locations throughout the world.

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