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New Android Malware On Google Play, Called “DressCode” Attains Income For False Activity.




So there’s no way there can be hacks on app stores?  Think again, because at the end of the day there always seems a way to beat or better yet hack a system. According to the latest of news, there’s a new android malware called DressCode on Google Play and it has been embedded in 40 apps and it has also infected over 400 apps in third party stores according to Android Community.

According to Check Point Software Technologies, they claim that DressCode generates a botnet that utilizes proxied IP addresses that Check Point investigators believe were used to conceal ad clicks and produce false traffic, creating income for the enemy. I guess technology is so advanced these days that just about anything can be hacked if your technologically intelligent enough. But things like this need to be put to a stop. At the end of the day the truth always comes out.

Why the concern on this malware?

Well some of the apps gained between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads apiece. The malevolent apps, in total, have been downloaded 500,000 to two million times from the Google Play Store. Clearly this is unfair, because these stats are bogus. It is like false advertising. It’s also to bad that some of these apps were uploaded on Google Play dating back to April 2016 and only as of recent that this has been detected, but luckily it wasn’t too long ago so this malware has been detected early.

Some of the apps that have been disguised are Dress Up Musa Winx and Dress Up Princess Apple White. Who wouldn’t be fooled by these names?

In addition, this matter should be addressed given that the malware permits the attacker to direct interactions through the user’s device, the invader can have the right to use any inner system to which the gadget belongs. This can negotiate safety for associations. If you’d like to visually see how hackers successfully perform this hack, you can check out this YouTube video.

The victims are the ones suffering with these attackers. Clearswift states that there were 2,500 incidents of ransomware costing victims $24 million in the US single-handedly were reported in 2015.

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