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Some Myths that are not true in Technology




Most people are left frustrated when technology won’t work when they need it most. At the same time, it’s apparent that most people will not want to understand how things work when they fail and need fixing. They are only interested in having the gadgets fixed. This has led to a natural phenomenon where people tend to fall for the easiest suggestions in resolving the problems that they may be facing at the moment. However, as most people have learned, some of these suggestions are false and don’t fix the problem as expected. As a matter of fact, some people will tell you that these suggestions will do you more harm than good. At the end of the day, you end up frustrated and spend more money. You might not be aware but there are some few misconceptions that exist in the field of technology, and you should be aware of them.

Better specs are directly proportional to better devices
This applies to all form of products and commodities. It could either be a new smartphone or laptop. This allows many people to save their mental gymnastics in dealing with the latest features and specs. They end up using more money for the top model. In some occasions, you might have found yourself agonizing whether the fastest phone will last for long. At the same time, some people spread the notion especially the sellers that computers with most memory and storage are the fastest. However, this is just a myth as top of the line specifications don’t necessarily mean the best product. For instance, there is no need of spending much money on a faster computer with a fast processor if you don’t require it. The same applies to people who find themselves worried about the speed of their smartphone processor.

The battery should be at zero to recharge it
While the idea to charge your battery only when its zero has basis, it’s not applicable to the latest technology. This myth should have applied with past technologies that saw the use of nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride. However, a newer technology known as lithium-ion battery doesn’t necessarily mean that your battery has to be at zero to charge it.
Other myths that don’t apply today include the suggestion that more megapixels mean good cameras. The planned obsolescence is not also true. This is a suggestion that your phone will slow down before a new model is released.

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