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Motivational Factors And The Hospitality Industry

Ryan Lenett



A very important factor for hotels to achieve success is maintaining and developing high performance from workers. How can that be done? What practices must hotels invest in so that they can retain and acquire amazing employees?


Good Working Conditions

There is a huge link between motivational factors and the hospitality industry. Some hotels work towards providing good working conditions to their workers to keep up the motivation. This idea came to be from the nonservice industry where enjoyment and fun were adopted in the workplace to maintain work and life balance. The service industry however has usually not worked on even addressing basic employee requirements like superior working conditions.


Good Human Resource Practices

Hotels must invest in proper human resource management to acquire workers that are capable and have good skills. Mostly the service sector has never had good HRM practices that would develop good employee and manager relationships. Hence managers are never able to help employees work to their entire potential. The turnover in the hospitality industry is also high which showcases a problem. Bad benefits, low pay, compromised morale, and poor workplace conditions are some motivational factors and the hospitality industry can work on them to improve them and thus motivate their employees.


Recognize Employees

When managers recognize their employees, it motivates them to work better. It also creates loyalty. When employees feel supported at their workplace, they work more confidently and productively. The hospitality industry can thus enhance motivation by improving and developing working conditions and attitudes.


Understand What Motivates Your Employees

In luxury hotels, good service is considered a competitive edge. The industry is represented by hotel employees. Hence, it is believed that five-star hotels usually provide a good environment for their guests because they also provide good working conditions to their employees. If the hospitality industry employees are satisfied at their workplace, they will work happily in providing a good experience to the hotel’s guests. Hence, it is important for management to retain and inspire employees that are capable. Management must understand what motivates their staff at various levels and stages of their career. Hotel managers must work towards understanding the favorable practices that increase employee retention and satisfaction.


Plan Fun Activities

Fun can be one of the motivational factors and the hospitality industry can work to incorporate it. Activities that are fun can positively impact performance and reduce staff turnover. Managers must frame the fun carefully and align it with employee characteristics and the hotel’s goals. Employees must be provided the freedom to have fun by themselves at work but managers should maintain a balance so that employees also achieve high-performance levels.

Management can undertake many actions that can help them retain competent staff while allowing a family life and work balance. Various motivational factors for workers in the hospitality industry can be sufficient breaks during their shift, events that include employee families, and health maintenance opportunities. Employees work for many hours in the hospitality industry and hence it is important to keep them motivated so they provide excellent service to customers.

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