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Mohammed bin Salman Talks to a Reporter




MBS is the trending topic in Saudi Arabia. This is the young crown prince who is promising to change Saudi Arabia. A New York Times reporter known as Shonagh Rae said that he never expected he would be writing a story about a revolution in Saudi Arabia. This is the reason why he decided to travel to Saudi Arabia to interview Mohammed bin Salman. Unlike the other Arab springs, the uprising in Saudi Arabia is happening in a different manner. The uprising has taken a top-down approach where it’s being implemented by MBS. There is some optimism in the changes the 32-year-old crown prince is trying to implement. For instance, should he succeed, he will have changed Saudi Arabia and the attitude that people have towards Islam. However, some experts say that only fools expect the revolution to succeed. Nonetheless, only a fool will not advocate for the revolutions. When the crown prince addressed the issue with the NYT reporter, it became the first time that he had spoken about the arrests since they were made. For starters, there are approximately 200 Saudis who were arrested last month for engaging in corruption. They are currently being held at the Riyadh Ritz-Carton hotel in Riyadh. The prince has asked the corrupt officials to surrender their wealth that has been acquired illegally for them to receive immunity.

When the Times reporter met with the crown prince, he was his brother Prince Khalid. Prince Khalid as we speak is the Saudi ambassador in the US, a position he has barely settled in. However, he gave the reporter the time he needed with the crown prince who decided to speak in English. There were other officials in the building including government ministers. They spoke until 1:15 a.m. when the real interview began. MBS joked that the reporter was twice his age. The first question that the reporter asked was related to the accounts at Ritz. He further asked the prince whether he had carried out the operation to do away with competition which included his own family. He called the thought that the operation was geared toward power grab as ludicrous. He told the reporter that prominent people in the country had agreed to support him. He said that Saudi Arabia had become a breeding ground for corruption for the last 40 years. He said that it was time to change that. However, his father had never been caught up with corruption allegations.

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