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“Mitsubishi’s Falsification of Product Data”




Mitsubishi is a giant Japanese conglomerate, and recently the firm admitted that three of its business divisions falsified data about their products. The division were suppliers of products to the car, aerospace, and electric power industries. The firm opened an investigation.

It came at a time that the public was still reeling from the Kobe Steel Scandal.
In September this year, Japan’s third-largest steelmaker, Kobe Steel admitted to providing false data on the quality of some of the products it manufactures. To make the situation worse, it admitted having done that for more than ten years. However, no safety issues were reported on its products for that long. Mitsubishi Material has a 45 percent stake in a joint venture with Kobe Steel. It includes the Hatano plant which was a key focus in the Kobe Steel scandal.

Mitsubishi Material issued an apology to the public over the data manipulation scandal by its divisions. It gave an assurance that it will take measures directed to improving its quality control procedures to ensure that such a problem does not occur again in the future.

Mitsubishi Cable, one of the divisions in the scandal provided false data on the material that it uses to joining metal parts. The materials with the false data were sold between April 2015 and September 2017 to different firms. The firms totaled 229, with 70 in the aerospace industry and 7 in the car industry. Another division, Mitsubishi Shindoh rigged the data on its copper products that it sold to 29 companies. Mitsubishi Aluminum supplied products with false data. However, the firm stated that the products had been deemed to be safe for use.

According to Mitsubishi Materials, there have been no safety concerns from the falsification of the data so far. The firm further stated that currently, it was not facing any lawsuits from the problem. Mitsubishi Motors was caught in the same scandal last year. It admitted that it provided false data on the fuel efficiency of more than 500,000 vehicles that it sold in Japan. The scandal on falsifying data is not unique to Mitsubishi. Even Nissan and Subaru, automobile manufacturers have come out clean and agreed that they have ever falsified data on their products. Same to Mitsubishi, there have been no safety concerns about their products so far. The same cannot be said for Takata which filed for bankruptcy.

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