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15th Death Anniversary of Michael Jackson Remembered




On June 25, 2024, Prince Jackson, son of Michael Jackson, remembers the 15th anniversary of his dad’s death with a touching tribute. He used Instagram story to share his sentiment.

“Miss you pops,” wrote the 27 year old over an image of Michael’s performance at the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show in 1993. Added “The world felt better with you in it.” And played the song “We Are The World,” jointly authored by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson in 1985.

Tributes from Family

Prince was not alone. Jackie Jackson, Michael’s eldest brother also shared his tribute through social media. A black and white image of young Michael with Jackie was accompanied by “Hard to believe it’s been 15 years without you. Miss you everyday.”

An old portrait of Michael was displayed by Tito Jackson on his posting. The second eldest sibling used terms like “#15yearswithoutmichaeljackson“, “#gonetoosoon” and “#alwaysinourhearts” as hashtags.

The Legacy Lives On

Remembering his father is an everyday routine for Prince. In October 2022 he told E! News how pictures at home serve as reminders to lead life with love. A lesson learnt from him hoping that will keep up his legacy.

A biographical movie titled Michael draws attention now where Jaafar appears as the Pop star legend Michael’s nephew the son of Jermaine Jackson. Prince showed pleasure for this project sharing an image saying. Big thanks to cousin @jaafarjackson….seeing your performance I felt being close to my dad in concert.

Family Involvement

The Jackson kids continue keeping Michael’s memory alive through personal projects and appearing in public. In March 2024, Prince, Paris and Bigi were present atMJ, The Musical Opening evening in London.

  • Prince Jackson: Remembrance and tribute for his father via social media is found common.
  • Paris Jackson: Supports siblings and attends events frequently.
  • Bigi Jackson: Debuted as a screenwriter and director with the short film Rochelles and gained the Best Drama title at Santa Monica Film Festival in February 2024.

In Public

We often see Prince and Paris together at various ceremonies which establishes their strong bond. They made their presence at the MJ Diamond Birthday event held in Las Vegas and also Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Gala. In Beverly Hills which lit up their commitment towards preserving Michael’s memory.

“We share a sturdy bond, being the eldest I was asked by my father to protect them. They have joined hands along the way I left” said Prince sharing family ties details while interviewed by Good Morning Britain in 2021.

The Impressive Legacy Lives On

Inching forward on a complex path of endorsing his dad’s legacy, he says “The variety of things children learn from parents are there. So we do lack clarity here. Wish we knew better about managing his legacy the way he would have wanted!” says Prince who thinks of him daily. He added

MJ’s song form a significant part of their lives as many aspects about him are portrayed which soothes him down

Framing Forward Look

Jackson Family demonstrates love for him via multiple projects undertaken apart from appearing in public. Fans would get a chance to see his life’s new dimension from the upcoming Michael. His music and culture actions are remembered at this solemn moment. While the tributes from family indicate the impression he leaves on fans across the globe.

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