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McDonald’s Revamps Burgers: Over 50 New Modifications for a Tastier Experience

Ashley Waithira



McDonald’s, a giant in the fast-food world, has decided to revamp their renowned burgers – the Big Mac included. Based on info from The Wall Street Journal, the Golden Arches is introducing over 50 modifications to enhance the flavor and quality of their burgers. These changes are aimed at staying competitive with the growing number of rivals, particularly the upscale fast-casual joints such as Five Guys and Shake Shack.

Key Changes to the Big Mac and Other Burgers

  • Improved Cooking Process: Burgers, including the Big Mac, will now be cooked in smaller batches, six at a time instead of eight. This change is intended to provide a more uniform sear and retain more juices in the burger patties.
  • Enhanced Bun Quality: The traditional sesame seed bun will be replaced with a buttery brioche bun. The brioche will have a thicker bottom to better retain heat, and sesame seeds will be more randomly scattered to give a homemade appearance.
  • More Flavorful Ingredients: Increases in the amount of special sauce and modifications in the storage and preparation of lettuce, pickles, and cheese aim to enhance the overall taste and texture of the burgers. The cheese will be taken out of refrigerators earlier for better melting, and onions will be rehydrated for added juiciness.

Culinary Innovations Behind the Scenes

Over at the McDonald’s main office in Chicago, Chef Chad Schafer is the guy behind the improved burgers. He’s worked on this project for seven years, and now these patties are noticeably tastier and juicier than they were before. They first tried out the new recipe down under in Australia, and now it’s popping up across the States. By the start of 2024, it should be available everywhere.

Response to Market Pressure and Customer Feedback

The changes come as a response to customer criticisms of McDonald’s burgers being “dry” and the need to keep pace with the evolving burger market. The revamp also includes a nod to nostalgia, with the reintroduction of the Hamburglar in a new advertising campaign.

Additional Modifications for a Better Burger Experience

  • Storage and Preparation Adjustments: Modifications in how ingredients like lettuce and pickles are stored will ensure they are fresher. The changes also involve rethinking the preparation of components like onions and cheese to enhance their contribution to the burger’s overall flavor profile.
  •  Focus on Quality: Chris Young, McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy, emphasizes the chain’s commitment to incorporating quality into their fast and safe service model.

Implications for Consumers and the Company

While these changes are extensive, McDonald’s does not anticipate them affecting menu prices. However, they note that pricing decisions ultimately rest with franchisees. The company recognizes that the success of these changes depends on employees adapting to the new workflow.

McDonald’s Vision for the Future

McDonald’s is shaking up its burger lineup, and it’s more than a simple recipe change. This move shows the fast-food giant is focusing on better quality and keeping customers happy as the market gets tougher. With updates to the iconic Big Mac and other burgers, McDonald is making it clear that they’re ready to change and bring in new ideas to satisfy their customers.

Impact on Market Dynamics

This significant menu transformation could set a new standard in the fast-food industry, potentially influencing competitors to revisit their own menu offerings. McDonald’s focus on quality, coupled with its global presence, may drive a broader trend towards enhanced food quality in the fast-food sector.

Conclusion and Further Information

McDonald’s bold move to overhaul its burger menu signifies a significant shift in its approach to food quality and customer satisfaction. As the chain rolls out these changes across its U.S. locations, it remains to be seen how these modifications will be received by customers and how they will impact the competitive fast-food landscape. For more details on the changes, visit the Wall Street Journal for an in-depth report.

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