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Maroon Aims to Support the Growth of Black-Owned Businesses

Cam Speck



Maroon Aims to Support the Growth of Black-Owned Businesses

Maroon, a co-working space in the heart of New Orleans, is making strides in providing support to local small and micro businesses. With a mission to improve the city’s economy, Maroon is offering a 9-session Small Business Cohort to give 30 local businesses a crash course on how to scale up their companies.

The program is the brainchild of two sisters, Jawan Brown-Alexander (CEO) and Jade Brown Russell (Founder), who have backgrounds in Law and Education. The Small Business Cohort is one of the many initiatives Maroon has undertaken to assist start-ups and emerging businesses. Brown-Alexander and Brown Russell are committed to helping local entrepreneurs succeed in a city where small businesses are the heart and soul of the economy.

The Small Business Cohort is a training program that offers business owners expert advice, mentorship, and a unique opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the area. The nine sessions will cover topics such as business planning, marketing, financial management, and legal matters. The aim is to provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in business.

Many of the participants in Maroon’s Small Business Cohort are minority-owned businesses seeking support to scale their operations. With their help, Maroon hopes to foster success for Black-owned businesses and other underrepresented groups in the area. Jawan Brown-Alexander insists that this initiative is not just about words but action to help small businesses in the area to succeed.

The sisters’ dedication to social justice and economic development in the region is evident in the commitment they have shown to this program. Maroon was developed as a solution for those who needed a supportive environment to kickstart their businesses. It offers a welcoming atmosphere and acts as a community hub for entrepreneurs.

“We wanted to create a space where local businesses could access resources that would typically be out of reach,” says Jade Brown Russell. “We want to establish a local economy that is sustainable and offers opportunities for all.”

Maroon’s impact in the New Orleans startup community is visible. Small business owners who have participated in the program have already seen tremendous professional growth, and according to them, the program’s approach made a significant change in their business’s trajectory.

“I did not know half the things I do now,” said one program participant. “From learning how to be more financially and legally responsible to understanding margins and planning for success, the Small Business Cohort has helped my business in ways I never thought possible.”

Maroon’s ambitious plans include opening applications for the next round of the cohort in May, focusing on a new set of businesses and offering more classes and specific focus areas.

“Maroon is an accelerator that cultivates talent and helps participants reach their full potential,” says Jawan Brown-Alexander. “Our team consistently challenges the status quo and understands the value of small businesses in the community.”

To keep up with the latest from Maroon, check out their social media channels. The team will be announcing program updates and news about the next cohort – this is the perfect chance for entrepreneurs in the area to step up and transform their businesses, with the support of Maroon. With its track record of success, Maroon’s Small Business Cohort is an ideal opportunity for those wanting to scale up their operations and stand out in the competitive New Orleans market.

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