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Madrid Suspends Barcelona




Spain government has invoked article 155 firing the Catalonia leaders with immediate effect. This is the first time that the Spanish government has invoked this article which forces the regional parliament being targeted to be dissolved. At the same time, the Spanish government called for new elections to elect new leaders in Catalonia after the current regime declared independence from Spain. This latest twists of events leave Spain at the worst political crisis that has hit the country since the death of the country’s former dictator in 1975. This also comes at a time when the country is emerging from a prolonged economic crisis that began in the year 2008. At the moment, Spain is the fifth largest economy in the European Union. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy issued a statement saying that it was never their wish to reach this point. He further said that he was seizing Catalonia under the constitution meaning that Spain failed to honor Catalonia independence. This move means that the feud between Barcelona and Madrid has reached the fiercest level since it began. The separatist emotion that has driven the desire of Catalonia to separate from Spain will be determined by the actions that Madrid implement in the coming few days.

By Friday night, it could not be determined whether the expelled leaders would oppose the move. At the same time, the mood in Barcelona remained a mix of subdued trepidation and intense joy. The prime minister further said that they were willing to listen to every person from Catalonia so that they could decide their future. At the same time, he said that this is the only way that he can ensure that the government and other people don’t operate outside the law. The latest steps by the Spanish government ensures that the government resumes control of one of its autonomous regions. This is happening for the first time since Spain implemented a democratic constitution in 1978. The prime minister called yesterday a sad day and said that he had the power to end the secessionist threat. He said that this is a movement that has been based on impositions, frauds, and lies. This means that Carles Puigdemont is no longer the leader of Catalonia. This meant that the representative offices of Catalonia that are located aboard were forced to close. The region will be under the control of Madrid until a new election is held. Dates are yet to be set.

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