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Low Tech AAC Devices And Their Role In Communication




We live in an age of communication, or rather faster communication is the right way of defining today’s life. All thanks to the technological development taking place all around the world that has empowered the tools of communication as well. There are several devices that can be used to communicate and one of these includes the low technology Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices commonly known as Low Tech AAC devices. Today when communication scores the highest point in our day to day lives, the low tech AAC devices also have their role to play in the communication part. Well, let’s dig in deep into this topic as under:

What are Low Tech AAC Devices? 

Low tech AAC comprises the different devices and tools along with strategies, which do not include the idea of electronics or need any battery to accomplish the communication. There can be several examples of Low Tech AAC devices and the best ones include PECS or Picture Exchange Communication System like communication boards, symbol charts and communication books to name a few.

The users have the choice of even selecting words, letters or phrases for communication to convey their messages. They can even use several body parts including the finger to toe along with head point, mouth stick, eye gaze, handheld pointer and light pointer to name a few.

How Low Tech AAC Devices can be used for communication? 

Low tech AAC Devices can be effective in many ways. They are extremely affordable and simple to use. It can be used to communicate with people in all physical environments like bathtubs, swimming pools and beaches. You can easily communicate despite issues like rain or any other weather issues. You do not need any kind of charging for the low-tech AAC devices and needless to say that these are less expensive. Communication becomes simple with these devices as there are limited numbers of vocabulary. Lastly, you can easily create low tech AAC devices for your communication.

How Low Tech AAC Devices Help? 

The Low Tech AAC devices often use laminated charts for communication. These are important at places like beaches and pools where communication through high-end devices becomes difficult or next to impossible. Also, you can often rely on the Low Tech AAC devices if the High Tech AAC systems fail to work or can be made functional. For example, you can always take out the printout for your child as per the vocabulary and always keep it in your bag or car for smarter and quicker accessibility. The low tech AAC Devices remain effective in many places. Taking away these means of communication can only make people around the above-said environment helpless or frustrated. People with complex communication requirements often rely on Low tech AAC devices.

Communication can be a complex thing but we often need several ways and modes of communication to get our messages across to people. Despite all the modern means of communication, you still need low tech AAC devices.

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