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How long does lipstick last unopened?

Ryan Lenett



how long does lipstick last unopened

Cosmetic products or make-up, in general, have an expiry date or a shelf life. If use these products after their shelf life they cause harmful effects on the skin. Even the unopened products tend to expire or lose their effect after their expiry because of the chemicals and preservatives that are added to these cosmetic products. Cosmetic products are of everyday use, especially lipsticks. We have explored some common questions like, how long does lipstick last unopened? Can we use unopened lipsticks after a long time? What will happen if we use expired products and much more?

All you need to know about lipsticks

Lipstick is the go-to makeup product everyone has in their bags. It is certainly the most important product as it makes your face come to life. You may not be applying any other cosmetic products but you can never say no to a good shade of lipstick that adds pop and glow to your face.

Benefits of wearing lipstick 

  1. It protects your lips from cold or wind.
  2. It doesn’t make your lips dry as lipstick keeps them hydrated.
  3. It brightens your smile.
  4. Lipstick can be worn for any look as it completes the look, be it professional, causal, or an event.
  5. Lipstick adds confidence to your personality.

How long does lipstick last unopened?

We often want to stock our favorite shade of lipstick as we fear it may not be available. However, it is also pertinent to find out how long does lipstick last unopened. Can they last forever? or Do they go bad even if unopened? The answer is that lipsticks opened or unopened  have a definite shelf-life. The lipstick expires even if it is unopened. An unopened lipstick can be used for 2-5 years depending on its brand and ingredients used.

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How to identify if unopened lipstick has expired?

It is difficult to put an exact time frame on the expiry of lipsticks. No one can know exactly how long does lipstick last unopened. It depends on several factors, such as. the temperature at which the lipstick was kept, the moisture and the oil content in the lipstick, and especially the ingredients it contains.

Lipsticks even unopened doesn’t last many years because the components such as oil and parabens start to break down and cause odor and textural changes, which becomes harsh on the skin if used. The noticeable change in the shade of lipstick is also an indicator that the product is no longer good for use.

Tips to increase Shelf Life of lipsticks

To keep your lipsticks safe and use them for a longer time, keep them in the freezer. This will help to disinfect the lipstick and kill the unwanted bacteria.

What happens if you use old or expired lipstick? –

Use of any expired cosmetics is harsh on your skin. An expired lipstick can cause allergies & illness, as it contains bacteria that, when broken down can cause diseases like meningitis. The use of expired lipsticks can also cause acne, dryness, irritation, or even allergic reactions.

Two ways to reuse your lipstick –

  1. You can create a new shade of lipstick by using your old ones.
  2. You can create lip balms and tints by using a small quantity of your old lipstick.
  3. You can use expired lipsticks for your artwork.

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