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How to link visa gift card to PayPal?

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Looking for a way of becoming digital, then you don’t need to carry your wallet, you can use your PayPal account to solve your problems. You can even use your gift cards digitally to buy and sell products and services. Adding a gift card balance to your PayPal account will give you many benefits if you often use your PayPal account. The question is how to link visa gift card to Paypal, and what are the benefits of doing the same?

What is PayPal, and how does it work?

Paypal is one of the largest online payment apps in the world.  Paypal is an e-commerce service that facilitates the easy transfer of payments between parties. One can use Paypal to send and receive an amount for goods and services. Paypal is used by many, as it is the easiest and safest option to make online payments. The working of PayPal is simple. As a customer of PayPal, you will be required to set up your PayPal account using your email address and your bank or card details for easy access to the process. Paypal not only allows online payments but offers services related to debit and credit cards.

How to link visa gift card to PayPal?

Visa gift cards can be used as a payment mode while using a PayPal account. To use the visa gift card, you need to be sure that they are prepaid gift cards from companies like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover to use on PayPal.

Below are the steps to link visa gift cards to PayPal.

Step 1– Sign in to your PayPal account.

Step 2– Open the PayPal wallet on your laptop or computer.

Step 3– After signing in to your PayPal wallet, click on the ‘link to a debit or credit card’ option.

Step 4– Click on the option ‘link a card manually.’

Step 5– Enter the visa gift card details.

Step 6– After entering the details, click on ‘link card.’

Step 7– Once the visa gift card link is confirmed, you can use it as a payment option.

Benefits of linking visa gift card to PayPal

You should get your visa cards linked to your PayPal account as it has several benefits.

  1. Visa gift cards can act as payment methods for all your transactions.
  2. It is convenient and secure.
  3. It has the advantage that you can use your cards digitally, and it reduces the chances of losing the gift cards.
  4. You can exchange non-credit card gift cards for money in a PayPal account.
  5. You can move the funds of your visa gift cards to your PayPal account.


1. Can I transfer a visa gift card balance to a PayPal account?


2. Can I link a visa gift card to PayPal, and is it safe?

Yes, you can link a visa gift card to PayPal, and yes it is safe and easy to use.

3. Do visa gift cards work in the same manner as credit or debit cards?

Yes, there is no difference.

4. Can I make transactions using a visa gift card through a PayPal account?

No, the use of gift cards does not apply to recurring payments or transactions.

To set up a PayPal account and know more about it, click here.

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