Lime makes Scooter Renting Easier

If you are Scooter sharing enthusiast, it is likely that you have used and liked the Lime app. For those who haven’t, Lime is a scooter sharing application that...

If you are Scooter sharing enthusiast, it is likely that you have used and liked the Lime app. For those who haven’t, Lime is a scooter sharing application that enables renting of battery powered two-wheelers possible. Now, it is all set to make the renting a little more easy. The application has now been incorporated with new features that make it a further more appealing for scooter enthusiasts.

Some of the new features are the app-less riding, the vehicle configurations feature and the 10-minute reservation feature that is being loved by the app users. So, you are interested in the scooter, but do not have a Lime app? Lime app has a solution for you that’s download and installation free.

If you do not have the said app or an intention to download it, you can just take a picture of the Scooter’s QR code. You can then pay towards it through Google or Apple pay. This is an interesting feature and people who are skeptic about using the application can get a first hand feel of it.

The 10-minute reservation feature is being liked a lot as that’s a very time efficient solution. You can ensure that your ride is saved up in the 10 minute window. If you are newbie to the Lime app, you must know that it enables sharing of two-wheeler scooters. When you open the app, it will indicate the nearby locations of a scooter and te one having the best battery range.

Thus, you can do the math about the distance you need to travel, the battery backup available and the approachability to the scooter. When you actually come to the point of reserving a scooter, it takes less than 5 seconds, that too after you have opened the app.

The Lime app has been operational in over 120 cities in five continents. It has been upping its commute game by including newer product lines like electric mopeds. So far, Lime app claims to have a consumer engagement in form for more than 200 million rides that were taken. The application also anticipates a growth in 2021.

As a new user, if you are not truly sure that you want a commitment in form of an app download or sheerly do not have enough space on your phone, you can still try it out. With its new feature of engaging even unregistered users, the application is offering even non-registered users the QR code way to gauge the convenience of the application.

This function works when you temporarily download a portion of Lime’s usual app. The application uses the Instant Apps feature that exist on Android. When it comes to iPhones, it uses the new App Clips feature (remember it was launched last year as part of iOS 14).

So, biking has been a much preferred option for scooting around the way in the city. You do not have to bother about being stuck in the traffic jams. The lime up will change the way you commute.


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