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Lime Crime Finds a Way to Create Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for Darker Hair





Lime Crime has come out with the perfect hair dye for natural brunettes, allowing them to have lustrous locks of unicorn hair. Its been a hard look to achieve for those that have darker hair, however, Lime Crime has worked seamlessly around the clock to provide the ultimate results for those with dark hair. Prior to Lime Crime creating the perfect unicorn color, brunettes would have to bleach their hair and then apply the dye. That technique is a procedure of the past, and now with their newest semi-permanent hair color, they can achieve the perfect look.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair dye collection consists of 27 uniquely blended colors. They are full-coverage shades with large boosts of color. Some of their newest shades that have recently been released include Charcoal which is a deep grey, Sea Witch that resembles a beautiful teal, Squid which is like an ink purple, and Chestnut which is similar to a maroon brown. Each semi-permanent dye is uniquely produced to provide extreme color that carefully fades into your natural hair tone after time.

Many have questions about the life cycle of the color and how quickly it fades. There are three factors that come into play when choosing the right color and determining how long you will have your unicorn hair. The first factor is the depth of the shade you choose to use. If the color you choose is darker and has a lot of depth to it, then it will last slightly longer than a lighter color.

The condition of your hair plays a large factor in how long the color will stay. If your hair is in good condition, you can expect your color to last longer than if your hair is in poor condition. The third factor that will determine how long your color stays is how often you wash your hair. The more you wash your hair, the more likely it will fade faster. Make sure you get a good shampoo that is specifically manufactured to enhance colored hair to keep your unicorn hair vibrant and moisturized.

The process of achieving beautiful unicorn blue hair dye is quite simple. Apply the semi-permanent dye to your locks of desired hair. You’ll want to let it sit for about 30 minutes to achieve the best results. There is no cap or heat needed. Simply wash the color out after the 30 minutes, blow dry and style as usual.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is one of the best choices to achieve glamorous colored hair. Not only will you end up with fabulous hair, you can feel great about using a product that doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients or parabens. Their ingredients are certified vegan and do not contain any chemicals or bleaches. Their hair dye will not damage your hair and will actually help improve your hair with their certified vegan formula. Their Unicorn Hair comes in a perfectly manufactured jar with a very reasonable price tag of $16.00. If you’re not sure you want to purchase the entire jar, you can buy sample packets for $1.50.

Lime Crime also offers many other types of beauty products that channel your inner unicorn. They offer lipsticks that come in vibrant, beautiful colors with the perfect amount of shine and glitter. Their perfect containers are made to add a beautiful pop of color with irresistible flavors. They also offer eyeshadow that are illuminating with a smooth subtle texture of eye-popping color.

Their eye color consists of Diamond Dew, Pocket Candy Palettes, and Venus Palettes. Each variety of eye color is catered to create a unique and gorgeous look for all eye colors and hair colors. All of Lime Crime products are made to complement each other so you can achieve the perfect unicorn look. Aside from their other natural products, they offer a wide variety of highlighters that enhance the cheekbone and add a sleek look. Their Blossom highlighters collection is filled with warm cool tones that are catered towards a more natural look. If you’re looking for more colorful highlights, you will want to choose the Mermaid collection. The colorful collection has blue and purple tones that bring out the illuminating color.
The Opai collection offers glittery shades that sparkle in perfect places and works great for any occasion. Lime Crime continues to bring many new products to the market and are continually offering the best in bringing out your desired unicorn look. They are a cruelty-free company from Los Angeles, California, where sunshine and unicorns engage in a passionate makeup product. Their popular products are sought after by many, making them the leading unicorn beauty product company in the area. With unbeatable prices and quality products, you can ensure that you will be able to achieve the best unicorn look and find some products you’ve been longing for.
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